The Process

We provide pets with an end of life journey that is as meaningful as the wonderful life they lived.


What To Expect

It is often helpful for the family’s peace of mind to know what to expect when a care provider comes to their home to perform end of life care. Before the appointment, we’ll request medical history and answer any questions about the euthanasia process. If you have any special requests for the appointment, please share them with us in advance so that we’re able to accommodate your wishes to the best of our ability.

Appointments are typically about one hour but can be longer depending on the patient and family’s needs. We believe strongly in freedom from fear and pain and that your final memories with your pet should be of them being calm and at peace. To ensure a peaceful experience, a subcutaneous injection of pain medication and sedation will be given. This injection is given with a small needle just under the skin. Once your pet has fallen into a deep and peaceful sleep, an IV catheter is placed prior to the administration of the final injections, which is an overdose of anesthetic. The care provider will then confirm that your pet has passed and then offer you some time alone with your dear friend to say goodbye.

Making It Personal

Prior to your appointment, consider the setting that would put your pet and yourself or family at ease. This place might be their bed, a favourite chair, or in the backyard under a well-loved shade tree. We are comfortable where your pet is comfortable. Dr. Coulter has had final moments with her own pets on the back deck overlooking the fields and on her dog’s bed in front of a fireplace. We know this is a deeply personal choice. You can also consider music, candles, readings, and other ways to mark the experience. These steps are not necessary, but some pet families find them comforting.

Should Children Be Part Of The Process?

Children have often been around their pet for most, if not all, of their lives. They’ve likely taken an active role in caring for this family member, especially as they’ve grown weaker with age. While illness and death are difficult topics to broach, pet euthanasia can provide opportunities to teach a child rich lessons about the cycle of life. We encourage you to consider each child’s temperament and your own ability to carefully prepare them as the time approaches when deciding whether you want them present at the euthanasia.

Aftercare Services

If we are transporting your pet for aftercare, Dr. Coulter will give you some time alone with your pet and return with a gurney or blanket. You are welcome to accompany your pet out to the vehicle to give them one last hug. If you have requested a private cremation, your pet will be transported to our Heart With Wings crematorium in Barrie, Ontario. Your pet’s ashes will be returned in an urn of your choice in about one week.


We offer the below complimentary urns with your pet’s aftercare. The bamboo and engineered wood boxes are included with private cremation.

Engraving Fonts

Your pet’s name is included. Additional engraving is $35 (up to 4 lines, including your pet’s name, and a total of 3-5 words per line).

Wooden Urns

The engineered wood (MDF) boxes are available in a Cherry and Natural Finish and are designed with a sliding panel for secure closure.

Bamboo Scattering & Burial Urns

Each hand-made urn is rubbed with natural oil to accentuate the grain and colors of the bamboo. The lid is secured with a strong birchwood locking pin. Each Bamboo Urn is wrapped and placed inside a special hand sewn, 100% natural cotton drawstring bag/ sleeve. Bury your BioUrn® in a garden, forest, or any personal place with meaning. Or, simply keep this beautiful piece on the mantle or in any special place in your home.

Additional Urns and Memorial Items

The Living Urn®

The Living Urn® is an attractive urn holding the cremated remains of a loved one, which provides families with a way to grow a beautiful, living memorial tree or houseplant, both indoors or on a patio. The urn itself is made from sleek porcelain, comes in three colors, and measures approximately 9″ high and 9″ in diameter. Inside is a special compartment to hold your loved one’s cremated remains, a growing system of interlocking ring trays, and accessories to assist in the planting process. Available in three colours: White, Blue, and Honey Butter. $225

Photo Urns

These engineered (MDF) Wood Photo Pet Cremation Urns are a beautiful and personal way to remember a beloved pet. Any photo can be placed in the frame and changed without disturbing the cremains. $150+hst.

Clay Paw Print

Clay prints are available in white or terra cotta clay. $35. We offer 1 complimentary paw print with each private cremation.

Ink Paw Print

Ink Paw Prints are available in black ($10), silver ($32), or gold ($32).

The Original Spawt

Your one-of-a-kind impression. Hand-painted. Kiln fired. Personalized. Forever. Glazed with one of our nine earth-inspired shades, the Original Spawt comes to you in our custom-made display tin. Colour Options: Rust Ivory, Amber, Chestnut, Cotton Blue, Olive, Forest, Sea, Amethyst, Charcoal. $150.

An option to select a custom colour (photo required), or fur match is $170.

Spawtz Mugs

Each 16 oz Spawts Mug is hand thrown, customized with your pet’s paw impression, glazed in one of six colours, and finished with your pet’s name engraved by hand on its base. Colour Options: Snow, Blossom, Sky, Earth, Sea, Graphite. $170.

Illuminated Spawt

Our Illuminated Spawt is hand-thrown in fine porcelain, customized with the outline of your pet’s paw, glazed in your choice of 5 colours, and finally kiln-fired. Colour Options: Snow, Sea, Charcoal. $160.


Bronze Hinged Paw Necklace. $192.


Onyx Cylinder with Paws. $130.


Pewter Cylinder. $130.


Bronze Heart Necklace with Paws. $150.


Pewter Heart Necklace with Paws. $150.