Hey Georgian Bay, Did You Know that Your Pet Could Receive Veterinary Care in the Comfort of their Home?

It’s a basic fact of companion animal ownership that pets need ongoing veterinary care. Unfortunately, though, getting them to the vet’s office isn’t always easy. It can be difficult for pet owners with many work and family commitments to find the

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Bird or Spiritual Messenger?

I recently assisted a little geriatric terrier.  He had passed peacefully, curled up on the foot of his mama’s bed.  As we sat in silence after he passed a Cardinal landed at the feeder hanging just outside the window.  He lingered there for quite
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In Memory of Coco

In loving memory of Coco. Her mama captured Coco's beauty in these charcoal sketches shortly after she passed at her cottage. Rest in peace dear, sweet Coco.                "The memories and paw print of a beloved cat remains in our heart and soul
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One Week to Live

There were two female puppies left and I chose the one that came barrelling my way, throwing her sister out of the way to get to me. The breeder told me that I should choose the other puppy because “this one” was too much like her dad and he was a...
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The Gift of Passing Peacefully at Home

My grandma passed away a couple of weeks ago and before she passed, she told me that all she wanted was to pass peacefully in the comfort of her home and bed.  Home is where we feel safe and comforted. It’s where we store the treasures that we have
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