This was one of my last walks with my Jersey. I am pushing my son in this picture, while Jersey walks faithfully at my side. I adopted Jersey when she was a puppy and I was an undergrad student at the University of Western. She was by my side through so many changes in my life. We moved 7 times, we graduated from University and then again 4 years later, we bought our first house, got married, and had our first baby. She was always by my side. Her health started to decline shortly after my son’s birth, however, she forced herself up our 12 stairs to my son’s nursery to be with me multiple times per day. I had postpartum depression after my son was born and Jersey knew I was suffering. She passed shortly after the fog of depression started to lift. I always felt that it was the last thing that she needed to do before she could go and that she believed that I could handle whatever was thrown my way by life after that.