Why In-Home Euthanasia?

It’s our mission to ensure that pet owners have options when it comes to compassionate home euthanasia.

What To Expect

We believe that the final moments of your pet’s life should be free from fear, anxiety, and pain. They should be able to pass where they feel most comfortable and safe. We also believe that in-home euthanasia allows the family to grieve more freely and to take the time that they need to say goodbye.

Many dogs and cats feel fear as soon as they enter the clinic. When our pets have reached their end of life stage, they are more often than not physically uncomfortable. Some older pets feel anxious or nauseous in the car​. Palliative care patients or senior dogs and cats may have aches and pains that can make travelling in the vehicle uncomfortable. Large breed dogs with mobility concerns or arthritis may be difficult or impossible to transport to the vet’s office. Plus, veterinary clinics can have a lot of strange noises and smells that induce fear. With all these factors, it can make an already difficult time more stressful for both pet and owner. With in-home pet euthanasia, our patients do not see us as being any different than another visitor you may have to your home.

Say Goodbye

In clinics, end of life appointments are often booked in between appointments and not allowed sufficient time for the pet to receive sedation or pain medications. This does not allow the family or family member much time to say goodbye. It often does not allow enough time for sedation or pain medication to be given. Although appointments with Coulter Mobile Veterinary Services are typically about one hour, they can be significantly longer depending on the family. We do not book appointments back to back to ensure that you and your pet have all the time you need.