Pet Memorials

Your pets live on in memory.


On behalf of the staff at Heart With Wings, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.

Sarah & Katie O.
Rayne was one of a kind, he was a sweet boy that got sick far too young. He will be missed. Sleep in peace with your full tummy, never to feel hungry again 💗
Terry, Lana, Billy, Larissa and Crosby M.
Dear sweet Sidney. For 14 years you were so full of life. Running like the wind, catching all the little critters that dared to come on our property. You were so loved, and were known for your sweet shy smile and dancing front paws. We all miss you every day, and your twin brother Crosby is lonely without you.

Dr Laura, thank you. Thank you for the amazing care in her last 6 months. As painful as it was to lose Sidney on March 20/21, it could not have been a better experience. Your kindness and compassion will always be remembered. Sidney was able to pass peacefully, in the comfort of home, in the spot she chose, and cradled with the love of her family. It was truly beautiful. ❤

Heather H.
Denny “The Hunter” passed in his 13th year after his diabetes got the best of him. He passed peacefully in the garden & than my arms. It was difficult to let go of my best friend. Dr Laura & her assistant made the process peaceful & I thank them for their kind compassionate hearts. He lived years in the country. He would walk to get the mail with me everyday. He always like to bring me his new prey. One year he sucked frogs up in his mouth & one by one I had to relocate the frog population. He started to bring snakes in my house which wad the worst. He was a brave warrior of the forest he roamed in. Denny is sadly missed as he was more than a cat. He was my little buddy.

Jeannie P.
Our Cooper peacefully fell asleep surrounded by his favourite things and his favourite people. He is missed so much and will live on in our memories stories about him. He was a typical lab with so much character and just so incredibly smart. He loved to run, swim and was up for our many adventures. We thank Dr. Laura from the bottom of our hearts. His final moments were filled with love, family and treats. Rest well our good boy.

Cooper, Coops, Coopy Poopy.
January 22, 2011-May 20, 2021.

We love you and miss you so much ❤

Nancy P.
We are sad to let everyone know that we had to say goodbye to our beloved Beau today. He passed in the comfort of our home, laying, in his favourite place, in front of the fireplace, surrounded by the love of his family, his favourite Lovies’ beside him and his little buddy Louis with him. Beau has been struggling with mobility for the past couple of weeks; he was really hurting and had stopped wagging his tail. He has finally been given the relief he needed to step across the rainbow bridge and run free. We were blessed to have had him in our lives for over 16 amazing years. We picked him from a farm in Wallenstein where he stood out from all of his siblings; when Jordana picked him up and he nestled right into her arms. He was the perfect one! I still remember the car ride home with him; sitting in the backseat between his sisters; which I might mention is the only time they sat in the car without fighting. Katie, aka Sissy, was only 11 years old when we got him and now she’s living the other side of the world.

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She loved to play dress up with him and I never knew what he would be wearing when I came home. He was a funny guy right from the start, he hated walking on any surface other than wood or grass, that eliminated the driveway, front walkway, porch and tiled floors. He hated car rides and that never changed throughout his lifetime but he would come with us because he didn’t want to be left at home alone. The odd time he would escape from the house …. the chase was on; we discovered that blue cheese was the best way to capture him. On a side note I got to see all the backyards in the neighbourhood while trying to catch him. From Jordana he learned that purses provided apples and if anyone left their purse on the floor, Beau would be rifling through it. Justin and Matt were such a huge part of his life and while they didn’t live at home when we got him they could always be counted on for dog sitting and providing lots of treats and presents. He loved presents and it didn’t matter how many presents were under the Christmas tree he could always find his and usually before Christmas morning. Anyone else opening presents always received his assistance with the unwrapping. He always got that one perfect vanilla cupcake on his birthday….with more presents. He also loved his walks, swimming but most of all he loved us. We are so grateful that we had so many wonderful moments with this beautiful boy our wonky golden doodle. Special thanks to Dr. Erin of Coulter Mobile Veterinary Services, Heart with Wings for making Beau’s last moments special and peaceful. The love and compassion you showed Beau and us during his final moments made the transition easier for all of us. I also have to thank Chidiac Animal Hospital for the care they have given Beau over the past years. Dr. Barbara Ann and all the staff have been absolutely amazing and we are grateful for the care and compassion that they have always provided. Thank you to all my friends and neighbours who have always asked after Beau and stopped to talk to him when he’s been in the yard. Our hearts are broken and we will miss him forever but the beautiful memories will live on. Run free beautiful Beau you now get to have endless walks and swim pain free, hopefully with a continuous supply of blue cheese and the odd perfect vanilla cupcake. We are going to take some time to mourn and heal but we know that we are in everyone’s thoughts. Thank you. 💔💔💔
Karen & Marty K.
Thank you Dr Laura. This was a difficult day for our Max but knowing he was no longer in pain helped a great deal. Max was a crazy fun loving dog who will forever be in our hearts.

RIP my sweet Max

Cody & Cori S.
Kaiser Vom On Gaurd, our goodest boy:
It was hard not to notice the strong love you had for us all, especially the little extra sensitivity you always showed with Mom. You were our first love and were present for so many pivotal moments. We brought you home to our first home. You witnessed our marriage, then became a big brother to our 2 boys and then became their guardian. We are so thankful to have had the last few days to spoil you – even more than you already were! ;p We hope that you enjoyed the short 7 years with us because we have been reflecting on how much we cherished every moment. Watching you enjoy the last 15 months in our new home with some property and “personal” beaches to take a dip has made us so happy. We will think of you when the boys are getting on and off the bus for their first times and when we’re raising chickens next year. Kaiser’s Coop will be a thing, we promise!

Please keep a watchful eye over our family as you always did.

Until we meet again wildman!

Mom, Dad, Nolan and Liam

Sandra, George, Taylor & Kristina M.
Our beautiful little boy AJ came into our lives 17 years ago with his brother Scooby. Unfortunately Scooby passed on when he was only 4 years old and AJ was stuck with us. He was a much loved member of our family, travelling with us on many adventures and keeping us entertained with his antics. His favourite past times were looking for boxes to sleep in and getting into the shower for a quick drink.

AJ crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 5, 2021 surrounded by our family.

We cannot thank Dr. Erin and Emily enough for their care and compassion for AJ and making sure he passed peacefully at our home. It made it easier for all of us.

We are sure that AJ is with Scooby and Oma now frolicking and eating bananas.

Lisa R.
Thanks to Dr Laura, Ace fell asleep for the last time chewing a treat, with two orange balls in his favourite bed in our home.

He had a great dog life with lots of love, walks, car rides and treats. I will miss my shadow.

RIP Ace March 21, 2009 – April 1, 2021.

Wendy and Peter D.
Having a dog will bless you with the happiest days of your life, and one of the worst days.

We had that day last week when we said goodbye to Dylan, our dog for 15 ½ years. We are heartbroken but we know that he is no longer in any pain.

We are so lucky that when we went to have “the pick of the litter”, Dylan chose us. Despite us putting the puppy back so we could see the others, he kept coming back to play. He captured our hearts right then and there.

Dylan was the gentlest of dogs and everyone that ever met him knew he was a gentle spirit. He has been with our family since Andrew went away to college, quickly becoming best friends with Samantha’s cat, Topaz and a couple years later with Kita. The quickest way to Dylan’s heart was with a quality scratch of his ears, a rub of his belly or just cuddling with him. Dylan greeted all of our grandchildren as they were born with his usual gentle way.

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Dylan loved to be with us and was most comfortable when the three of us were together going for walks, car rides or just sitting on the couch together. He heard all of the joys and struggles in our lives, all of the happy and all of the sad times and showed us such love all the time.

We will miss him terribly and can’t imagine our lives without him. We are grateful to have had Dylan as part of our family.

Dylan will be greatly missed by many, but none more so than Peter and I. Through thick and thin, we loved him with all of our hearts, and though the pain we feel without him is great, it in no way would compare to having never had him in our lives.

Please give your dog an extra hug, belly rub, and treat, they leave us too quickly.

Blake, Shelley & Family Petherick
We lost our best friend on February 23, 2021, too soon he just celebrated his 12th birthday. He was the kindest most warm loving companion anyone could ask for. It was the hardest thing to do but we couldn’t allow him to suffer anymore. He brought so much love, companionship, and fulfillment to each of our lives. He was such a big boy that he would often knock the babies down as he was passing by, they would giggle and carry on till the next time. He loved opening wrapped presents he got and would put it in his mouth and prance around the house so excited. We still look for him in the darkness making sure not to trip over him or him greeting us as we come home and making a dinner plate for him as we have done for years. We are so very grateful that with Dr. Laura’s service we got to have the service in his home where he was most comfortable.

R.I.P Bear we love and miss you.

Ziggy Stardust
Lori & Marc B.
We thank Dr. Laura and Autumn for their compassion and kind handling of our very sore hearts as they helped us say goodbye to our little golden lion king, Ziggy Stardust (formerly of Grandeur). We will see him in every puddle of sunshine that hits our dark floors and smile for the gift he was in our lives these past 7 years. Beautiful, bright and stoic, we will never forget him. He’s in Valhalla now with the other Viking cats, resting by a fireside and purring to beat the band. His cheerful grandkid, Maisy, will carry on to take care of us now.

Diana W.
Our beautiful little Stripe came into our lives 21yrs ago. She has brought such joy and happiness into our world since the day she was born and her shining light will continue to guide us into the coming years ahead. Every memory we have fills us with love and warmth just like the feeling we would get burying our face in her fur whenever she was curled up sleeping.

May you find your final peace with Mama & Grey little lover~xo

Jill W.
I had to say goodbye to my beloved Miracle on Feb. 3rd/21, just 5 days short of his 11th birthday. His littermate Magnus was with us for Miracle’s passing, he too will mourn his brother, never having been separated from each other during their lives. Miracle gave us so much love, loyalty & companionship, it was such a privilege to have him in our lives. One of Miracle’s best friends was his dog walker Roman who was also devastated, as he was such a big part of Miracle’s life. Miracle is in heaven now, my late husband’s turn to have him close, how lucky they are to be together again. Miracle’s ashes will be sprinkled under a very special maple tree planted & dedicated to his memory along with our 7 previous pets over 30 years, all as special as Miracle. Miracle’s dog tag will join the other tags on the tree in memory of them. The tree is at a cottage on Lake Salerno, where Miracle loved to swim, retrieve sticks & soak up the sun with his brother & family. We know you will all be keeping watchful eyes on us. Rest in peace my dear Miracle, how your loving personality, big smile & loyalty will be missed!

Lindsey M.
Our beautiful 14 year old hound-collie cross, Sasha, walked over rainbow bridge last week, on November 6th. Our hearts are still mending from loosing our loyal and gentle protector. I adopted Sasha when I was in university at a difficult time in my life. She carried me through some difficult years, and was with me in the joyous ones too when we got married, moved, and had our three babies. She was always so very good with our three growing children and I will never forget how she would lay beside each of them when they were just babies. She was never far, and even in her last days she still followed us around the house making sure everyone was accounted for. Sasha, we expect you to walk around the corner or up the stairs looking for us. We miss you dearly, girl.

Thank you to Dr Coulter for ensuring her passing was peaceful and that she passed with dignity. She went to sleep eating treats from my hands under the sun in our backyard.

Doug & Helena Vanderby
Late into her 22nd year on September 28, 2020, Fritz crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Fritz gave us so much love and adventure and truly found her way into our hearts – she will be deeply missed.

Fritz was a very unique feline – loving, loyal, intelligent and yet fiercely independent – she took no crap from anyone or anything. Most likely a result of being a very young kitten living on the fox inhabited streets of her first hood. There, she was never approachable, it became a challenge for me, to earn her trust. Eventually the trust came, especially during the January/ February months during freezing cold snaps.

She would respond to my whistle come to the door and I would bring her into the basement at night, feed her and then let her out in the morning on the way to work – we had a great routine going. Her future mom, who at the time was not a pet person, had no idea….

Eventually, Fritz moved in and to say the least, it’s never been the same since.
She became family.

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She loved car rides, swimming in the lake, bouldering, suntanning, being photographed, watching TV with us (with chips or popcorn please), hanging out and being social with our guests. She was a social media star thru her adventures and photos.
Fritz always greeted us at the door with a meow, no matter what time we were coming home.
She had a special relationship with her mom – she was her first pet: They loved each very much. Many times, Fritz would gently use her paw along her mom’s face to wake her.
She show unconditional love towards us and we towards her.
Fritz knew her time had come and could not have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in a more loving peaceful way. Her last day was filled with love from her Mom and Dad. She was in our arms at one of her favorite spots, on the dock under a warm bright blue sky.
A special thank you to Dr. Laura and Autumn for their empathy, compassion and professionalism during this time. We could not have asked for a better team during this time. And to let you know, Fritz thanks you – the last place she wanted to be was at a Vet Clinic…..
Bonnie, JC and Nicholas Arenes
Our Master teacher, heart opener, entertainer and inspiration. Always loved and memories cherished.

Voo Doo
Sharon Irvine
This girl loved to be groomed. She would also pose for the camera. She eagerly awaited the next dog show and jumped to get into the truck to go to wherever we would travel next. She enjoyed the travel and camping at various venues, not to mention the extra treats along the way. She quickly earned her Canadian Championship in addition to her Canine Good Neighbour Certificate. After her show career, Voo Doo became a Mom. She gave us two beautiful puppies and she was an excellent Mom. They too, have followed in her footsteps and became Canadian Champions. Voo Doo was excellent at magic! Without formal training, she proved to be an excellent therapy dog. Her natural instincts and knowing ways brought smiles to many seniors living in retirement and long-term care facilities. When Voo Doo was not performing her magic, she loved the outdoors, enjoyed sunbathing on the deck, relaxing by the pool, and cuddling on the couch to watch a movie. She has taken with her a big chunk of our hearts but has left us with so many wonderful memories. Our sincerest thanks to Dr. Laura and Autumn for helping our girl and supporting us through this most difficult time. Rest in peace Voo Doo. We’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love Dad, Mom, Jeff, Sarah and Your Collie Kids

Brad and Mary Anne E.
Here is a photo of our wonderful Bear on his last day with Brad – enjoying a canoe ride!
Jamie and Josh M.
In loving memory of the handsome and sweet Draco.
Ian and Barb Sinclair
Kiefer was the dog we were never suppose to have!

After spending three days visiting the kennel, we were focusing on his brother, however on each visit he was relentless in trying to get our attention. His warm loveable manor became unavoidable to notice and he sealed the deal when he climbed up on my knee and put his head into my neck ❤ hence began the 13 years of the greatest journey of joy one could ever hope for.

From puppyhood till around four years, I should refrain from saying “Joy.”…you couldn’t leave food on the counter, it would be gone when you returned … he had a special attraction for shoes, especially if they belonged to a visitor (new smells).

He received a sister giant schnauzer when he was 2 years and became the best brother/teacher to what evolved into a very beautiful close relationship. He taught us all a lot on multiple levels.

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He had such a loving gentle personality, his nickname was “Gentle Giant” always ready for a romp in the woods, games in the house, however his favourite time was definitely meal time.

We Miss you so very much Special Boy, we still expect to see you run around the corner with you favourite ball in your mouth. Jumping on the sofa giving you special hugs and kisses, all along thinking you were a lap dog. You have left a massive foot print on our hearts and a large void in our lives, your memory is a blessing we will always have! Thank you for choosing Us 💕

On the day he walked across the “Rainbow Bridge”, he ran in the meadow, greeted Dr. Coulter and Autumn with a wagging tail and thanked them for the gift of bring four tires for him to smell.

WE are extremely appreciative for all the professional assistance and guidance given by Dr. Coulter and Autumn….Thank You

With forever Love
Dad (Ian), Mom (Barb), Sister (Gemma)

Robin and Paul Crowder, and Family
Dingo, the well travelled, and even better loved…
While posting pet rescue messages in attempt to move innocent victims of human indifference (and far worse evils) I discovered an image of a soulful boy in an Atlanta, Georgia kill shelter who had reached his “put to sleep” date. His colours were different, but his size and markings were those of our girl Tequila.

This particular image reached into my heart so strongly, I knew immediately I had to personally save him.

I had him pulled to a foster care provider, who gave him safe haven and a wonderful place to await my transport arrangements.

This was no easy task. I didn’t possess a passport at the time and none of my trucker friends’ routes came anywhere near Atlanta. The foster and I communicated and I spoke with Dingo over the phone to familiarize him with my voice.

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Airline holds are dangerous at the best of times, but winter weather was approaching and the option was nil.

I tried contacting relay drivers, but they were few and far between back then in 2011.
My search was running out of avenues, looking bleak and I was on the verge of resigning myself to losing the chance to save this dog.

At the time I had met a family through involvement in the committee for the inaugural Innisfil Celtic Festival. This wonderful family offered to reroute their return from a Florida vacation and picked Dingo up for me. An unknown dog in a minivan with their children on a very long journey. Who ever would have imagined such a kindness ? One of the greatest gifts of my life. We remain friends to this day.

Dingo’s foster and I maintained a friendship and still talk today, with news of Dingo’s life with us. Our boy made a lasting impression on the hearts of all he encountered.

Dingo arrived in Innisfil and into our home, on St. Patrick’s Day 2012. How fitting for a ginger haired pup. We used the date as his “BIRTH(with us)DAY”. His age was estimated as senior at the time, but this mainly due to the abuses he had suffered at the hands of evil. His teeth were ruined from chewing on cage or chain. Looking into his eyes and judging by his fitness level, though, I think he was 5 or 6. Dingo’s breed even a mystery… Speculated to be a Collie /Lab mix. I suspect Collie /American based on some physical traits. The demeanour of a saint. But his trust issues were no surprise.

Terrified of the dark, stairs, and stormy weather; Dingo would also not enter the bathroom or let anyone touch his paws to clip. During his first few days with us, he had to be coaxed away from the patio door, after days spent only there with the 101 Dalmatians towel he arrived with as his one treasured security item. We still have that holey, well loved towel.

Every single meal had to be coaxed into this poor sweet boy, even right up to present, where funny little rituals and phrases needed performed in order for him to start eating.

In the first days Dingo had an extra aversion to males and older children. We suspected his abusers had been these. But he grew to love Paul and our kids and grandkids very much. Even in our short time with our crazy, over-exuberant Lily, Dingo was a stern fathering figure. Tequila pestered him to play at first, but they settled into an old canine married couple routine.

Those two became inseparable, often sleeping hind to hind on the living room floor or on the dog beds in the kitchen and bedroom… Yes multiple beds… Spoiled. And deservedly so.
When one went out the other wanted out too. One barked, the other chimed in, not even necessarily knowing why. Just supportive vocalization.

Years of love and patience drew out his trust and his sweet personality; he didn’t know how to play (even afraid of some toys) but eventually he decided he liked chewing sticks from the yard.

Dingo made our lives more beautiful for having the privilege of homing him with us. He was so visibly appreciative of every little treat and luxury. He graced our lives for 8 1/2 wonderful years.

Yesterday Dingo crossed the Bridge to reunite with Lily, 6 years plus one day after she departed. I’d like to think he’ll have the energy to keep up with her now.

Until we meet again my beautiful Big Ginger Boy. I love you always…

John, Tammy, Ashleigh MacDonald

Princess was our rescue dog. She was a surprise to our daughter Ashleigh as an early Christmas gift. When we went to see all the dogs available for adoption, she was the one that cowered in the back corner of her cage while all the others jumped & yelped to be seen. John instantly fell in love with her & that was the beginning of our (almost) 16 years together.

Run free Princess. Go find Midnight & reunite with her.

Thank you so much to Dr. Coulter & her assistant, Autumn for the kindness they showed us during Princess’s last moments. You made the process so much less painful than we expected. You truly do care about the feelings of all those involved. Thank you from all of us, John, Tammy, Ashleigh (Penny, Aria, & Sadie – the other pet children).

Alison & Jeff Williams
Floyd was a gentle true spirit and a force of nature all in one. His passion was frisbee and he could play for hours. Always a cattle dog he would have your back and make sure all was safe at home and away. His main concern was that the pack was together. He was always up for new adventures and loved every season and every activity… swimming, hiking, snowshoeing, canoeing, going for ice cream or just being still and enjoying the natural surroundings with us.

The service that Dr. Laura and Heart With Wings offered was wonderful. Floyd had an amazing life and when he was ready we were able to let him go in a compassionate and loving way. He was at home, outside and peaceful. Goodbye to our handsome boy and thank you for your love and loyalty. May the universe experience your energy as we did.

Jason & Teri Wardrope
Zoey was just the most devoted dog to her humans. She was a daddy’s girl for sure but was mommy and the kids protector always. She loved to play ball, she loved walks, she loved helping to shovel the driveway to play in the snow and catch snowballs. Zoey loved to lay out in the rain on rainy days and smell the smell of the storms.

Zoey was definitely loved by all who knew her. You couldn’t help but laugh at her she had an amazing personality. This girl was as loyal as they come we couldn’t have asked for a better dog. Even through the last few years of her struggle to get up and down of the floor or the stairs she remained loyal and determined and loved with all she had, we all remained her number one priority, she continued to follow her daddy around everywhere and was still trying to protect the rest of us and make sure we were safe. Right to the end she never gave up and never complained.

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The day we had to say goodbye to this special soul was the hardest day for us as a family but it was time to give her the gift of peace, rest and to be pain free and we knew this was the right thing for her. So we gathered in her favourite place in our backyard outside so say our goodbyes and set her free peacefully and then we heard thunder and it lightly rained and we knew she had gone to a happy place it was her way of telling us it was ok and she was good.

We would like to thank Dr.Laura and Autumn for their wonderful service. Our Zoey’s day was one of peace and calm for her thanks to their compassion it was stress free for her and that was so important for us as her family.

Goodbye sweet girl, you will always be in our hearts and we will forever love you.

Love, mommy, daddy, the kids and your fur siblings

Sandra & Danny Kendell
Hailey was my therapy dog. She was always happy and had a zest for life that was contagious. Hailey got me through many hard times in life; from the loss of my husband to radiation treatments. There was no time to be down or sad, life was an adventure and she wanted us to live each and every one. Her love of life was infectious and everyone who met her loved her and she always made them smile! Hailey absolutely loved people. She wanted to greet every single person who crossed our path!

Life was for living, and that’s what we did! We had so many adventures. She was my co-pilot on our trips to the States, we played fetch for hours-that was her favorite thing! We took hikes in the woods enjoying the beauty of nature and she absolutely loved to swim. She was a shining star, a beacon of love; but she also had her goofy and silly side too!

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Her favorite game was Nicky Nicky Nine Doors- the game where you stand by the door waiting to come in and when your master comes and opens the door you bark and run away! She was so comical and would always make you laugh- you could never be mad at her!

Toward the end we lovingly helped that heart of gold get up and down the steps and we walked much slower on the walks; letting her lead the way.
With the help of Dr. Laura and Autumn we gave her a beautiful transition she so deserved in her backyard with peace and dignity and love!

A heart of gold stopped today;
We helped her on her way, If it had been up to her, She would have never went away!

Thank-you Hailey for all your love! You are forever etched upon our hearts! All my love my Golden Girl is sent with you this day!

Sadly missed by all the hearts you touched and especially missed by Mommy (Sandy) and Daddy (Danny)❤

Amber & Dan Leal
Reufus was the absolute best partner in crime. He was our first baby together. He was easy to train, a fantastic demeanor, and always protected all of our kids like no one’s business! He handled the introduction of Dozer like a true wise old Senior. Up until the end, he remained my unrelenting buddy that would sneak his head under any unsuspecting hand for a pet. We miss you terribly my love. What an amazing service Heart With Wings offers. He was so at home on his farm, with his family – eating treats and getting love.

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