Pet Memorials

Your pets live on in memory.


On behalf of the staff at Heart With Wings, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.

Alicia Macdonald

You were very loved and will always be missed. Cody and JT miss you like crazy. I’m happy you’re at peace and living a care free life where you can see again. Love you baby girl❤️


Alex+Jason Evans

Nate miss you so much you were the best dog in the world I will miss you so much Nate you were the best dog ever

Levi Cargle
Erica Cargle

Dear Levi There Are No words To Describe How Much I Miss You . My Heart Feels Like It’s is Broken Into A Million Pieces I Miss You So Much I Will Always Love You. Was My Sunshine & Shadow You Was Always There For Me & You Would Always Protect Me I Will Miss Your Funny Barks & You Always Riding With Me Everywhere I Would Go & Your Funny Little Ways To Show Me You Are Happy By putting Your Head In The Blanket. And Most Of All You Laying Next To Me Everynight I Know You Are Now At Rainbow Bridge With Lucky, Lilly, & Lila I can’t wait to see you Again In Heaven One Day Meeting You At The Rainbow Bridge I Love You My Sweet boy Love your Chihuahuamom

Margarett Ferrara

She was the love of my life – I didn’t realize how much I needed her until she came into my life…the love she gave was like no other. She healed me in so many ways… I wasn’t ready but I knew I needed to let her go. She was a gift to me and I’m so thankful to have had her as long as I did. You’ll always be my little girl (Maggie).


Karly Figliuzzi

“Bye our little Wolf” We love you so much and we will miss you everyday. You are the best little guy we ever had. Love u so much💓💋💋You will always be in our hearts.


Kayla and Ian Przednowek

Oct 2010-April 2024

18 years old in the middle of a brisk Yellowknife NT winter I waked into the local pet store JJ Hobbies and I saw you for the first time, this gangly little grey kitten that was more ears than kitten stared back at me with those giant green eyes. I fell in love instantly. To this day I could never understand how someone could leave such an adorable little creature in a box on the side of the road in winter. Needless to say I think I found out pretty quickly why that was. 

The first night I brought you home you claimed my fuzzy lime green blanket on my bed (still have to this day) and I remember you got into the refrigerator and ate a good 3 pounds of freshly dehydrated moose jerky and a couple bananas. Hence the name Monkey. But that was only the beginning of your terror. Between you breaking into the turtle or snakes cage to waking up everyone in the house by knocking Nathan’s bongs off the top cupboards you probably costed me a few roommates and probably a few relationships too.  

You were a handful. But you were my boy. What I wouldn’t give you have you cause another sleepless night for me my love, I’d give the world. Which I hope I did for you, I hope you felt my love hold heartedly. And knew how special you were. 

I turned 19 and you and I set off on an adventure, from Yellowknife NT to Edmonton AB to harrison hot springs BC aaaall the way to Timmins then finally to Barrie ON. You were my little travel buddy, where I went you went. Through the many places we lived to the relationships that ended, you were always there through all of it. And I hope you know how grateful I will forever be that you were. 

Fast forward to you now being 14 years old and us finding your furrever dad Ian. I’m now in a stable place where I’m happy, and I think you knew this. You knew I was safe and you knew I found true happiness. it was now safe for you to leave me and cross over your rainbow bridge. 

I don’t want to know life without you, or exist in a place you don’t Monkey man, a piece of me will always remain broken and never fully whole again now that you’re gone. 

Mommy and daddy love you to the moon and back sweet heart. Until we see you again our boy, say hi to Tigga and tell her we’ll all be together again some day soon xoxox goodbye for now babies

Ralph & Alison Brookes

Izzy was born on the 6th of July 2010. Her original owner had plans to train her to hunt, however his work commitments put Izzy in a crate for 12 hours a day. He made a courageous decision to find her a loving home. On the 30th of June 2011 she arrived in Snow Valley and her life began with us. We have been forever blessed.

Because she had lived the first year of her life in a crate she had some easily solved medical concerns but she missed her early years of training and it took several years to correct some things, some were never corrected. She did develop an iron stomach.

As a lab, she was totally motivated by food and for that she became quite mischievous. Within a few short months, she became adept at distraction theft. The first time she counter surfed was with a full household including the kitchen when she deftly snatched some hot dogs. There are memorable stories of stealing unattended steak off the counter, bacon right out of the frying pan, pizza dough left to rise, a carton of Nanaimo bars left as a gift, boxes of chocolate, gingerbread houses, once setting the gas stove on while stealing food recycling containers – causing the stove to light, setting a blaze in the kitchen. Buns lined up for a bbq were a favourite target, someone was always short a bun. Friday pizza suffered inevitable casualties.

One of her favourite food groups was Kleenex, which for labs is candy as they are manufactured with fish glue. She loved the taste of rabbit.

When I retired I had six years of personal and private memories as she was my constant companion. Friday’s were garbage day – she would sometimes make a break for freedom to check out the communities green recycling containers. On one occasion while I was distracted with renovations, she went next door, stole the neighbours recycling cart, dragged it home, up onto the trailer and tore the top off to sample the contents. I did replace the recycling cart. One of these shopping trips almost ended her life with the consumption of cobs of corn, she got sicker by the minute, and required surgery to remove two cobs, which do not digest. I learned by chaining the garbage can and the green cart to the wall.

Her favourite place in the world was a private somewhat remote cottage where she roamed freely, swam great distances, played in beaver mud ponds and tried to fish. She wasn’t a good companion in the boat because as a 100 lb dog, she believed the water was alive. Nevertheless she experienced it all and wouldn’t be left behind even for evening swims.
When my wife retired she became her constant companion, walking a minimum of 10 kms a day, morning, noon and night, through all seasons. She was in marvellous shape as she aged.

She was known throughout the community as a gentle soul, the maintenance workers from the nearby ski hills would stop their machines to greet her, the delivery drivers became quite attached to her, stopping even when they didn’t have to and often leaving treats on top of packages if she wasn’t home. She had many friends throughout the community who spent valuable time with her.
We were blessed to have Dr Steven Taylor as her vet who would come to the house to see her, his wife Casey who supplied all her meds and the Ferris Lane Animal Hospital, including Dr Julie Deroo and Janet LaHay who helped with her surgical interventions.
We are grateful to Hearts with Wings and Dr Leah who provided her a dignified passing. She had been in pain and I think she knew that we knew. Her very last hours of life were spent outside on the cold cement in the deep cold with us beside her, a signal we knew she was suffering.

I will be forever grateful to have been able to hold her head, give her the massage of her jaws that she always loved and looked into her eyes as she slowly relaxed and let the pain fall away as she fell into a deep relaxed sleep. Izzy passed on the 11th of March 2024 in her 14th year.

She was a wonderful, gentle soul whom we miss every minute of the day, we look for her everywhere and we cannot find her.
One day I hope and believe we will meet again and her pain will be gone. We love you and miss you. Every dog is a blessing.


Lisa Monsalves

Roxy graced us with your presence for a whole decade. There was no better companion, no better friend.


Maggie Canto

We got Bennie back in 2014 from Street Cats. He was approximately 2 years old already at that time. He won us over with his goofy and loving personality. He was always a playful and gentle cat.

He had a hard fight with his thyroid levels, and later on a mass that pressed against his stomach. He reached a point where he could no longer hold down food, he didn’t even want to eat. We desperately tried everything but ultimately we knew it was time. There was nothing more we could do for him.

He’s been an everyday part of our lives for the last 10 years. He’s always there to greet you at the door, he’s always finding ways to steal food off the counter, he’s always playing with his toys, beating up the front window because he sees a squirrel, following you like a shadow— he’s always, always there.

Today marks an end to that. It’s devastating for our family to say the least. We’re really going to miss him, and we hope that when the day comes and it’s our turns to go to heaven, he’ll be there to greet us at that door too.

Thank you for being a part of our family Bennie. It’s never going to be the same without you here. Rest easy buddy, we miss you.


Diamond Angel Hill
Melissa Rene Lighthall

I bought my netherland dwarf rabbit from a friend I knew in high school at 8 weeks old. She was so tiny and super fast. She loved to jump on me and be pet while on my chest. She’d lick my chin, lips, and cheeks. Her favorite thing to do was eat my hair. She would love to chace my fiance in the hallway, it was a fun game they did. She did binkies and loved to zoom around and jump. I wished I could have helped her to live longer but she lived an average bunny life span. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye and it was so hard because Diamond was so young. 3yr.9 months old. Her birthday was in April, but she passed on Jan 29th 2024 2pm. Rose’s are red, violets are blue, I shaved my hair for your afterlife and will always cherish, love and miss you. R.I.P.

Thank you so much Heart with Wings for bringing me peace of mind, body, and soul. Thanks for giving my diamond Angel the best celebration of her life and helping me say my final goodbye.

Frank and Lorraine Frederick

Having to say goodbye to our beloved Rocky was the most painful day ever. He was such a sweet, affectionate boy. He knew his routine and made sure everything happened when it was supposed to. If not, he would remind us with “the look” and then the barking.

He brought so much joy into our lives and as hard as it was to let him go, we knew it was time. Heart with Wings made that day more calming.

We will never forget our sweet Rocky and pray he is enjoying life in doggy heaven

Mylo and Marcy
Tammy & Chris Sanderson

Last week was one of the saddest day of our lives, while you received your wings and the empty feeling it left. You both added so much to our lives after 19 and 18 years together, we were honoured to have you as a part of our family. Love you both so much.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Sharon & Peter Bowen

Lucas Glenn Bowen was born on April 28, 2009 in Shelburne, Ontario to canine parents, Ellie-May and Murphy. But it would be his human parents, Sharon (momma) and Peter (dad), that would love and care for him for as if he were one of their own sons for many years to come.

Lucas enjoyed being outside. He would look forward to going for multiple walks a day with his dad or sitting out on the deck getting a ‘suntan’. He loved fresh linen (he always knew it was laundry day) and listening to his momma’s lullaby, which she would sing to him before bed to make him feel safe (“He told me that!”, so his mother says). Christmas was his favourite holiday. He looked forward to excitedly opening his many new teddies and subsequently destroying them the very same day. Lucas loved his nephews, Colin & Ethan. He was always so excited when they would come to visit.

Although Lucas had many appealing qualities, he was not without some faults. He was a terrible passenger in the car to the point where he got his father a citation for “crowding” in the driver’s seat. Lucas was not exactly the greatest helper either. He loved getting right in the middle of home projects at the worst possible moment or stepping right in the pile of dirt where his momma just swept. Lucas hated being without his momma and dad, particularly the former (yes, he had a favourite). He would howl continuously hoping they would hear him and come home immediately! All Lucas wanted in this world was to be with his parents who he loved so dearly.

“You’re a good boy, Lukey!!!”, as his dad would shriek with love at the top of his lungs on a daily basis. And he really was…

Surrounded by his momma, dad and brothers, Lucas departed this world peacefully in his home on December 27, 2024 at 4:05 p.m.

Lucas will be greatly missed by his girlfriend, Riley, and her parents, Lori and Brian. Thank you for the many walks and being so good to Lucas.

Lucas/Lu/Uncle Lukey/Punkin/Bunny… thank you. We love you so much.

The Bowen family would like to thank Kathryn and the Heart with Wings team for being so kind to Lucas and our family. We know he appreciated this and we are forever grateful you allowed us to give him this gift and a goodbye he deserved.


Sarah Agar
Buddy was synonymous with love. His expertise were cuddles, eating, and wagging his little nub of a tail.

I was blessed to have adopted Buddy from Precious Paws Rescue in Barrie when he was approximately 4 years old. From the moment that I saw his adoption photo, I fell in love. His sweet demeanor was immediately evident and he never wanted to leave my side — including being glued to me in bed.

Buddy enriched the lives of hundreds of people over his years. He spent several years volunteering with St. John Ambulance visiting seniors in long-term care facilities. Buddy would happily jump onto a couch or a bed for snuggles and listen to the tales gone by that seniors would share. Buddy also comforted families who lost loved ones on nights we visited by wandering into the arms of grieving family members. Buddy was also grateful to spend a few years as a Sweet Charity Emotional Support Dog accompanying me to school to work with high school students. He basked in the teenager energy & joy at school, as well as the cuddles, copious treats, and love that the students gave to him. Buddy loved wandering the classroom and library sharing his judgement-free heart.

Buddy was well traveled and loved by family in Ottawa and Southern Ontario, along with friends in Barrie & surrounding area. It was always easy to find a dogsitter to care for him. What an absolute sweetheart!

Right now my heart is broken at the loss of my best friend, little man, sidekick, companion, cuddly bear. For 12 years we shared laughs, tears, conversation, and so much more. The love & memories run deep.

As I said every night before lights out: “Good night, Buddy. Have a good sleep. I love you to the moon and back. You’re such a good boy. I love you. See you in the morning.”

You’ll live in my memories, Bud! Until we meet again. 💕

Jennifer Black
We had to say goodbye to my best friend Charles on October 19, 2023. For almost 17 years he was by my side. As time passes, I’m a little less sad and feel even more grateful for his long and full life. I miss his sense of humor, his independence, and his ability to own every situation. He was a little boy more so than a dog. I miss his smell, the feel of his fur, his grunts, his cuddles and his just being there which I never took for granted. He never missed an adventure. I want to thank Dr. Coulter for giving me extra time with Charles & her compassion making the hardest day of my life a tiny bit easier. See you again, Charles.
Raven Lortie
Lortie/Pinkney Family
Raven, our love ❤️ you are our baby girl and we are not sure how to move on without you.. we hope you are now free of pain. I wish we could hold you one more time. We love you forever our sweet baby ❤️ (raven, ravels, munchkin bum, rue, babe, my love, ray, rooskatoosk, bean, lil brat) and im sure many more nicknames over the years! You will forever be in our hearts 🥰
The Frederick’s
My sweet Pooh bear, how I miss you so. You touched everyone who knew you worth your love, loyalty and affection. There has never been and never will be another like you. All you wanted to do was love and be affectionate. I miss the happy sounds and bounces you’d do when you saw us. Letting you go was so hard but you are at peace now and free of pain. Special thanks to Emily, I can’t say enough about her kindness and compassion, especially in regards to getting ashes for my son so he could grieve and heal. You touched me deeply and made Rocky’s passing so peaceful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love and miss you every day Rooie, hope you found Zeus and Taxzy and are running free and happy until I see you again my sweet sweet boy.
Susan Price
We will miss you forever, our wee man. We know you’re running in flower fields with your doggy sister, Holly ❤️

Carey Alten

Sweet Dusya ❤️ Not enough time together, forever in our 🥰
Jacqueline Fuscaldo

My dearest Neko, my son. As I sit here thinking of all the animals I have loved throughout my life, I realize that nothing comes close to the love, to the bond I share with you. You always had a way of reminding me of the joy of play, how to love unconditionally, and how to be gentle. Also, you taught me to accept life, whatever it brings and to make the best of it that I can. Even through all your struggles with health throughout your 12 years, you always came back stronger. And when you no longer could, I became that strength for you. You have given me unwavering friendship, trust, love and so much more. The day we met, and my eyes looked into yours, I knew that I was going to give you the best possible life, that you would be my everything then, now and always. My sweet, sweet boy. I promise to look after Splashy, just like you did! I will keep lambchop safe, she sleeps with Mommy every night under the covers right where you should be. I will miss so many things every day. The way you play, the way you walk, the way you smell, the way you eat, the sound your ears would make when they slap your cute little bald head during each shake. Your curly tail, your little paws, that tongue coming out the side of your mouth. The connection between you and your brother Splashy. Watching you sleep in the warm spots of sun on the kitchen floor. I can’t wait to see your little face again, to see the excitement come over your entire body when Mommy comes home. I love you Neko Beko!

Larry & Tara Martin

Ozzy, Ozman, Ozzinator, The O Man, Ozzy Wazzy, Stinkers. Ozzy was our soul dog, with us for almost 16 years, there will never be another like him. A constant companion, funny, energetic, loving, full of personality – everywhere he went people loved him and commented on his laid back personality. Always ready for a ride in the truck, a run in the park, a treat, a play fight, a kiss on the nose. He was the coolest dog we ever met.
His absence will leave a hole in our hearts bigger than we thought possible. If only our dogs could live forever. We miss him immensely and cannot fathom a life without him. Our only consolation is knowing he is waiting for us in a better place, free from pain, running through grassy fields and waiting happily for that next ride in the truck.

We would also like to sincerely thank Dr. Laura and the entire Hearts with Wings team. Thanks to your care and support, we were able to spend almost a full extra year loving Ozzy and making memories with him. When the time came to say goodbye, Dr. Laura was there to guide us through the process and she made sure that Ozzy’s final moments were pain free and dignified. It was a beautiful goodbye for our Ozman and we are so grateful for your support.

We will love you forever Ozzy and we can’t wait for the day we see your beautiful face again, standing on Dad’s tool box, waiting for that next truck ride.

Love always, Dad, Tara, Justin, Lawrence, Everett, Odin, Jones and Nova xoxo

Karen & Marty Kimberley

Morgan was the sweetest boy you’d ever meet. So loyal and loving. He loved his walks and chasing the ball in the backyard. We had Morgan for 13 wonderful years. To say he’ll be missed is an understatement. I hope you’re running around pain free with your big brother Max. RIP sweet boy. You will be forever in our hearts.

Michelle Barker-Bax

You came into my life at a time when I desperately needed the kind of love that only a dog can offer. Unconditional, steady, and true. You saved me in more ways than one and taught me the meaning of devotion.

I still see and feel you all around me – in nature, at home, and in the wagging tails of dogs passing by. I miss you so much it physically hurts, but I know you are finally free from pain and suffering and that brings comfort.

“Thank you” doesn’t come close to expressing the gratitude I feel for having loved you and having been loved by you. No one (dog, human, or otherwise) will ever compare to you, my little sun catcher.

Rest in Peace Sweetheart.
Until we meet again…

Laura & Anthonie Snider

Toby you were a one of a kind! When I picked you up from the shelter 8.5 years ago I knew you had a rough past and we had some challenges to get through. We did our best with some hiccups along the way and when Daddy came into our lives you took to him and he worked so hard to make your life the best he could. I wish we could have done even more for you but overall you had an amazing life with us. We miss you everyday and will never forget you. I am glad all of your pain and anxiety is gone and I hope you are chasing all the small creatures and barking as much as you want!

Thank you so much to Emily who was absolutely amazing and compassionate in this extremely tough time. Thank you to Heart with Wings for giving our pets the ending they deserve!
Until we meet again and snuggle under the blankets Toby, RIP XOXO

Sharon DeJong

Thank you K9 Guinness for your service 💙 you were the best partner and wonderful loyal companion. Run now buddy and chase all the balls you can find 🌈 🌁 🐾🥲

James Dean
Kailene Hamilton

No time on Earth is long enough to share with the animals you love, or prepare our hearts to say goodbye.

We will love you forever baby James. You will forever be our Angel face 🐾❤️🌈

Mars Bar
Karn Kallio

Dear little Mars Bar, Mars for short, was born in 2008 on December 12th in a box under a storage bench. We had found her mother, Calico, abandoned and took her in. It turned out she was pregnant and gave birth to a litter of 5. Mars and her brother Lollipop were the largest in the litter. She would
fight with Lollipop for the choicest rear teats when Calico would nurse them.

We thought about recording the weight gains of the kittens, and the first one
we tried to weigh was Mars. She cried when we put her on the table with the
scale, and Calico rushed over. We put her back with her mother and that was
the end of trying to weight any of them!

Another time, Calico took the kittens out of the box they were staying in to
hide them in the dryer. The door was maybe a meter up. She grabbed them one
by one and jumped up into the dryer. She dropped Mars a couple of times, and
poor Mars was the only one!

She loved to drink water out of my glass. As soon as she saw me getting the
water jug out of the fridge or coming into the room with a glass of water
she’d run over and jump on the counter or table to lap some up.

Mars is an accomplished traveler. Born in Caracas, she went back and forth
between there and Valencia, and then made her big trip to Canada. That was
an adventure; she had to stay some months in a pension in Caracas due to covid
restrictions, and then stayed with my sister Koko in Florida a half year until
she could enter Canada. So she got to meet my whole family, including the
Jacksonville branch.

Her secret identity was Parsing Par and her special power was to parse Type 0
grammars in time proportional to the length of the input.

For a time we lived in a second floor annex in Valencia with a large balcony.
Sometimes Mars and her sister Tigger would go out to run around there since it
was crowded inside. One night Mars got on the roof from the balcony and ran
around the whole block from rooftop to rooftop. I have a vivid memory of her
standing on a rooftop silhouetted against the silvery night clouds.

As a youngster she had a little scrap of red felt that she loved to play with.
She would leave it overnight in the cats’ food bowl where we’d see it the next
morning. She was hunting it at night and then sharing her prize with her

Mars was very affectionate. She would lick me to dry me off when I came out of
the shower. She didn’t like to snuggle under the covers but spent many a night
sleeping next to me or on top of me. Sometimes she would tap me with her paw
and go away when I woke up, as if checking up.

She was more gentle than assertive and didn’t often go about with her tail stuck
straight up. But when she was excited she would put her tail straight up and it
would even vibrate with glee.

I will miss her greatly but her memory will be a treasure.

All the best sweet Mars!

Laura Cripps

Oscar, you were our squirrely bird from the moment we picked you up and I held you in my arms and brought you home. You wouldn’t sit still the entire 2 hour drive home, and right up till your last zoomies… you were that same squirrely bird we knew and loved.

You always kept us on our toes, got us up at the crack of dawn every morning, and made sure we got kisses before bedtime. You loved playing fetch, riding in the truck as co-pilot, and when there was a new blanket of snow, you were outside for hours in your element. You kept a close eye over Opal, taught her the ropes and made sure she was never in harms way.

I miss my evening cuddles with you, I miss watching you do your happy dance with a new treat, and I miss seeing your “happy face” most of all.

We are slowly adjusting to new routines, the house seems quiet without you here, but I know you’re keeping a close watch over Daddy, Opal and I from above.

You would have been just 6 years old this year, and you lived every single day of your life to the fullest. I just wish we would have had more time with you.

There won’t be a day that goes by for the rest of my natural life that I won’t think of you or talk to you. You were born on my birth date, a day that I can never or will forget.

A part of you will be kept close to my heart, always. I promise you that I will wear my locket every day and smile when thinking of you and the memories we made together as a family.

Your Bear will be tucked away till the day we meet again.

We love you with all our hearts Bubs…. be good, and keep a watchful eye over us.

Love always,
Mommy & Daddy

A special thank you to Emily for your heartfelt compassion on that heart wrenching day. I never could have got through that morning without you and your tender care for us and Oscar. You truly are an angel.

Joanne Jelliff
March 17th 2023 you crossed over to the rainbow bridge aged 10yrs.

We had you from 9 weeks old and you were the best most loyal friend we could ever have asked for.

We spent your last night laying on the floor together, went for one last walk at midnight ( your choice) and at 7.45am you quietly left us.

Our hearts are broken Jax,but thankyou for loving us and letting us love you.

Thankyou to Dr Laura and everyone at heart with wings for making this transition a lot more easier and less painful, your kindness and compassion will never be forgotten. ❤️

Run free our perfect beautiful boy 🐶

We will never forget you and will love you forever xxxxxxx

“Heaven is lucky to have you and so were we “ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Chase (Calabri Dream Chaser)
Susi & Dave Rowe

Chase (aka Chew Chew) left us far too soon, just shy of his 9th birthday, but he filled us with amazing memories along the way. In his early years, Chase proudly strutted his impressive Vizsla physique in the show ring, earning him Canadian Kennel Club Champion status. He also dabbled in agility, but found that weave poles were not his friend.
Chase endeared himself to everyone by enticing them to stroke his silky-soft ears, admire his pearly-white teeth and athletic build, endure his head in your crotch snuggle, and tolerate generous lickaholic tongue baths. However, beware the stink-eye and pout when you tried to leave!

Mornings began with laundry basket diving, bed wrestling matches over socks and slippers, and culminated with mandatory belly rubs. Our constant companion, he cherished heading out on our walks, runs, swims, hikes, bikes, and snowshoeing. An avid camper, Chase loved welcoming visitors, food feasts, and cuddling in the hammock. His enthusiasm for canoeing was dampened, literally, after his continuous movement turned us into a submarine in the middle of O.S.A. Lake.

Chase was a snuggle monster, who loved forcing you to share your blanket and your lap. During his daily wood walks, he proudly pranced as he carried the thickest, longest branch he could find, and polished his teeth in a snapping frenzy on unsuspecting saplings and downed branches.

While heartbreaking, our sweet boy Chase’s final day was also memorable. After a restful night with all of us sleeping together by the warm fireplace, we enjoyed a walk in the glorious sunshine, then settled down for some serious pampering. Under Heart With Wings Dr. Maggie’s compassionate and gentle care, we were filled with tears of laughter watching Chase’s feeding frenzy on treats, while his pain ended. Chase, our sweet and loving boy, enriched our lives and brought us so much joy.

“When a companion you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.”

Toni Blakelock

I felt so helpless when Jayla got sick in November.
I had to ask friends for help to get a mobile vet to come to
my apartment to put Jayla down. Like I said the bill was $560.
She died peacefully and lovingly. She was “Mama’s Love”.
I got her off of Kijiji. She was the last kitten to leave the litter.
The “Runt” that no one wanted. I fell in love with her right away.

She had some skin irritation over the years.
Then 3 days before her 1st birthday she fell off the balcony, 6 floors.
I took her to emergency vet and she fracture her pelvis.
She didn’t need surgery but I had to keep her in one room for
7 weeks.
After that she was very skittish and nervous. But a very sweet loving girl;
and yes talked back. lol
She lived to 13 1/2 yrs.
I’ve had other pets pass away, but Jayla was MY girl. I cried so hard
It’s only been 3 months, now. I still cry cause I miss her so much.


Alissa and Nancy Rae

Back in 2003, I volunteered at my local vet for 40 hours to complete high school. After I was done with my duties, my vet asked me if I wanted a wee kitty to take home since I did a great job over the time each week.

I picked out this wee boy with a cute goatee. My mum and I decided on the name Eddie, as it was one of my mum’s crushes back in the day.

Eddie was just like his older brother Smokey( 1992 to 2011). Eddie loved to take so many adventures with his older brother Smokey. Those two were inseparable and could never keep them apart no matter how hard you tried. When Eddie got older, we decided it was best that his adventures have come to an end. We didn’t want to have to worry about him getting lost and not finding his way home.

My love for Eddie will never end. I never realized how fast 20 years went until we lost our wee Eddie at the beginning of the new year. I had this wee soul from the time I was 16 to just shy of being 36.

I won’t have to worry about Eddie getting lost on his adventures in Heaven as he will always find his way back to my heart. I hope he gets to go where ever he may choose to wander. As they say, ” Not All Who Wander Are Lost !”
Mum, Grandma, and your Uncle Brandon love you to the moon and back. Your Grandpa will show you around up there and I hope the rest of our wee animals are taking care of you Eddie. Take care, Eddie, Eduardo, Edward Scissor hands, and my wee Eddie Spaghetti. Xoxoxo.

Lynn Lockhart

Niko, you were my guardian and companion since my husband passed in 2016. My keep fit trainer previous to that as we took long walks through the woods together. Niko, you were such an independent guy who knew he was the neighborhood alpha. You gently took new dogs under his wings and looked after your friends and were so gentle and such an “old” guy. You were such a trooper when health issues threatened you and even when you lost your sight you kept me company on walks and learned a whole new set of commands so you could accompany me and watch over me. The whole neighborhood will grieve for you and I will miss you so much, but I know that you have struggled and stayed strong for me. Rest now Niko. I will forever love you. I thank Kathryn for her tender care of you and of me, during your final moments.

Amie L

Buddy aka Beans
Buddy came into my life 8 years ago, he had one previous owner before me. I know he came into my life when I needed him the most. He was 13 when he passed.

Buddy my sweet, sweet Buddy..

How do I describe you in words. I don’t think that I really can, and maybe that’s what makes the love between a human and dog so powerful. It’s a love without words. He could never tell me that he loved me, yet I know that he did, we didn’t need words for that.

Buddy was the kindest, most sweet, loving, loyal dog anyone could have. He was my heart dog, my bestfriend, my world. I am forever thankful that he came into my life and that we got to spend 8 years together. He had the most beautiful, gentle soul. He was a love bug. He loved everyone, when he went on car rides and seen people walking on the street he would get all excited and start whining because he wanted us to pull over so that person could pet him. Lol. He was a huge lover of a good, comfy throw blanket, belly rubs and chin scratches. He loved to give kisses, millions of them.

Buddy was also brave and strong, he truly showed that in the end. I know he held on a little longer just for me, truth is I don’t think he wanted to be without me either.

For 8 years he was my world. He loved being with us, and usually followed me everywhere. I made sure that everyday he lived his best life. I miss him greatly, I’m still learning to do life without him. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him.

Buddy just loved, he loved until the very end, even though I wished we had more time together. He was loved, so so loved!

Till we see eachother again Beans. Your always and forever in my heart, I carry you with me. ❤️

Buddy 2009- October 27th 2022

Holly,Chad,Cole and Rylee Claringbold

The Last Battle
If it should be that I grow frail and weak
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then will you do what must be done
For this – the last battle- can’t be won.
You will be sad I understand,
But don’t let grief then stay your hand,
For on this day, more than the rest,
Your love and friendship must stand the test.
We have had so many happy years,
You wouldn’t want me to suffer so.
When the time comes, please, let me go.
Take me to where to my needs they’ll tend,
Only, stay with me until the end
And hold me firm and speak to me
Until my eyes no longer see.
I know in time you will agree
It is a kindness you do to me.
Although my tail its last has waved,
From pain and suffering I have been saved.
Don’t grieve that it must be you
Who has to decide this thing to do;
We’ve been so close – we two – these years,
Don’t let your heart hold any tears.
-Authour Unknown-
We love you always and forever our handsome boy ❤️


Sue and Barry Vosper

Joey is a miniature dachshund. We don’t know when Joey’s birthday is, that is because she came to us from the OSPCA and we don’t know anything about her time before us.

Her personality is that of a happy, well adjusted dog about town. I’m sure that her time in the shelter was unsettling, with all of the strange smells and sounds. When I was there, to donate some food and towels, I took a walk through the kennels. I looked down, way down, and into a pair of beautiful brown eyes that went straight to my heart! I asked her to please stop staring up at me but she paid no attention. She has been happily ignoring me, as my companion and buddy, ever since.

Five or six years ago, Joey became suddenly paralyzed fro her mid-back down to the top of her tail. There were many trips to the doctor, x-rays, pain medication and a diagnosis of calcification on her spinal cord. We opted to have her treated with steroid injections and oral medication. This decision was made after much research into other options, like surgery. Joey also started going to a chiropractor monthly. She spent close to 6 months in her wheelchair or walking with the help of a scarf under her belly. Joey wore a diaper in the house and had more baths than she cared for during that time. The day we saw her tail move, just a little, we knew she would walk again. Both Barry and I had tears in our eyes!

Joey has had some tough times but has transitioned well and become a much loved member of this family (even by all of her bratty dog cousins). I hope that she feels the love and ever remembers any of the pain of losing her original people or the confusing and noisy time at the humane society.

Meg & Bryan Beggs

Spy was a caring loving friend to so many people and animals. She worked in the office of a plumbing company in Peterborough where she spent her days getting milk bones from delivery drivers, greeting the customers with tail wages and trying to convince the plumbers to share their lunch. Spy was one of those dogs that comes around once in a lifetime, she had a huge heart and enough sass to keep things interesting. She leaves behind her loving brother Gunner and her other pup friends, Finney, Gracie, Maverick and Sophie. We love you Spy, and may you live forever in our hearts. 💕


Alicia Morano

Maui came to us when she was 3 months old. When we picked her out of the litter, she was the one dog that stood out to us. She seemed so sweet and loving and she had a smile on her face. In the 14.5 years that Maui was with us, she gave us unconditional love and loyalty. She welcomed Jasper to our family only 3 months after she came to live with us. She was little mother to him. Maui loved her walks to the beach and through the paths in the forest. She chased after birds because she wanted to play with them and loved people and other dogs!

We would like to thank Dr. Laura and staff at Heart With Wings. You made the most horrible decision in our lives more acceptable with the beautiful setting you provided and the gentle kindness you showed Maui and our family. Maui’s final journey was a peaceful one surrounded with her favourite treats and the love of Jasper and her family.

Maui, you have left your paw prints forever in our hearts. May you rest in Peace! You will always be in our hearts!

Jasper, Alicia, Melissa, Cristian, Andrei and Sean

Judy Campbell

Buddy came into my life after a bad breakup from a long-term relationship he was by my side for the past 16 years and gave me unconditional love and he was quite the character I would point to his tail and say get it and he would start chasing its tail.
He had to be with me at all times he never missed a night sleeping in the bed with me or if I was sitting in my chair he would have to be laying on top of me

Rest in peace little guy you deserve it no longer in pain enjoy rainbow heaven until we meet again love you always buddy boy.


Caroline and Larry Ferguson

If our beautiful girl, Bella gave us a serious message about the end of life for a dog it was that there is something wrong with the indignity that comes with removing a free spirit to a sterile environment from the comfort of her home and surroundings where she has found Love with people she has known forever or even briefly as she had been with us only three years.

Bella was a wonderful old girl who we met through a glass door at the Orillia SPCA in 2019, just months before the onslaught of Covid. We were smitten by her sad but independent demeanor….she spoke “ I do not belong here and what is going on?” We saw this in her eyes. We were asked why we would want an older dog. Older dogs were not adopted. Their future was not a happy one.

She gave us so much in the three years as she slowly became elderly and infirm. That was the hard part. In the last week, we were desperate to ease her suffering.

We found Dr. Laura Coulter and Heart With Wings. She came to our home and Bella received the professional and compassionate end that she so richly deserved.

Bella hated all of the vet clinics she experienced while she was with us. She never once was unkind to vets or staff but some awful trauma must have happened in her earlier life in the decade or so before she came into our lives.

Nothing can be said enough to express our deep appreciation for Heart With Wings.

Her photo is in her happy place.


Caroline and Larry Ferguson


Tanya & Steve Robertson

Our loved one is gone from this earthly dwelling and has left behind her best friends to mourn. Lord please grant that we may hold her memories dear never bitter for what we have lost or regret the past but always in hope of the eternal kingdom where you will bring us together once again Amen we miss you Mika say hi to Shep, Baby, and Esme we will see you soon but not soon enough Love you all to the moon and back ❤️


Christopher Graham-Nutter

Enzo was my best friend, he was everybody’s friend, and he was my son. We went through some crazy things in our 10 years together, and he was my rock through it all. Endless times of playing Fetch, peeing in kiddy pools, and requesting a cookie every time he made his business right up until the end. He touched so many lives, everybody who met him loved him, and those who never met him wished they had. I will miss all of those great cuddles, every walk around the block, calling out every yawn and stretch, and the jingling of his collar when a bag of chips were opened. A couple years ago I got a tattoo over my heart with his name tag and paw print – not yet a memorial, just a symbol of how much he meant to me. Now every time I see it, it’s a reminder that he’s always in my heart. Rest in peace my sweet boy, my baby, my Bubba bear, my Enzo.

Christopher Graham-Nutter

I write this knowing no words will ever do this great being justice. 10 years felt like 10 seconds. Thanks for helping me grow into the person I am today. I truly don’t know where I’d be without you. Thanks for helping me get engaged, we both know without you that wouldn’t have happened. Feel free to huff and snore with reckless abandon. There’s always room in bed for your cuddles, weekend mornings were golden. Chicken!?!

All the slipper games, huffs, butt smacks, river dog, wiggle butt, big ball energy you’ve been beyond fun, my little man. I’ll always treasure our weekend morning cuddles and how a king size bed felt no bigger than a twin. I’ll forever miss you. My best friend, my pal, my buddy, my bugaboo, brogdog, bogdog, monster man, bugaboo creek, tiger, chunky monkey, monkey man, baby boy, bogart SquarePants, dogus, brogus, bugaboo, mister bogart, mister bug, mister hufferson, buginator, bugsaboni, arugula, munkajunk, bugsie, bugsieboy, buddyboy, mister blister, bugaboomunkaroo, gooftroop, Chewbacca, dog of comfort, bugasauraus, bobbyboo, goof, mr. Bojangles, gooftroop, bugabear, bug on a rug, bug on a Zamboni.

I’ll see you again my friend, keep the lazy boy warm for us and until then may you always have just pooped. You pooped!

Sean, Yvonne, Leah & Ashlyn

Caper for over 15 years has been an amazing dog, loyal friend, and constant companion to our family. As a lab she was true to her breed and loved to fetch, swim and chase things every day. She spent many summers in Cape Breton swimming in the Ocean and Margaree river and was a great traveler with her family. She loved walks especially when they were in nature and always stopped for a drink and swim in the creeks & rivers. Caper will live in our hearts forever and be remembered for the love she gave to everyone, except Cats, Birds & Squirrels 🙂

Dale Stansbury

We had no intention of bringing you home from the Midland shelter. You were too big, too lanky and we were there to see a smaller pooch. You stole all of our hearts from behind that slobbery plexiglass door. You were ours from the first second. Thank you my beautiful boy for all of the love you gave us. We will miss you forever. Love you Max.


Alley Szukalski

Zekey Bear started out as our loyal family pet, after my parents divorce he became my moms best friend and companion and never left her side until she passed. He then became my husband and I’s first fur baby, we became a family of three. Zeke loved to run on the trail out to the garden to visit mom and he never lost his puppy energy on our walks even after almost 17 years. He slept snuggled in bed between us every night until his nighttime wandering began. I will always remember you as that young full of life dog who would run to the door when we arrived home, paddled with me in moms kayak and chased chipmunks around the yard. You always gave us so much love and we will never forget you. Our tiny house feels so large and empty now with a deafening silence without you.

I am forever grateful to Heart with Wings and Dr.Laura for traveling north to let Zekey pass peacefully at home snuggled in his bed under his favorite blanket with us by his side. The compassion and care you provided to Zeke and us will never be forgotten.

Zekey I’m comforted to know you are back with mom, your favourite person, running free, playing fetch a stick and chewing on bones every night. We miss you so so much and will always love you, you remain forever in our hearts❤️🐶


Rebecca and Richard Sarasin-Delahunt

Maxy Boy, you were such a treasure in our family and it’s hard to find words worthy of what you have meant to all of us.
When we first met in Michigan, you were unsure about me but we quickly settled into complete mutual adoration which has never, nor will ever change.
Through the years we have lived many different lives together and shared so many adventures. You took the ups and downs in stride and loved me unconditionally through it all. You were my constant loving friend, and my beautiful baby boy.
It was my immense honour to share your life, and to see you blossom from a silly, destructive, mischievous, sweet, and stubborn young boy into the gentle, easy going, loving, happy-go-lucky giant you became.
I will hold you in my heart until we are together again.
Im looking for you.

At the front window where your nose smudges stay,
The place in the kitchen where your bed used to lay,
I find my hand sweeps over the passenger seat,
Wistfully wishing your back it would meet.

For your smiling face when I open the door,
And your urgent response when there’s food on the floor.
For your favourite ball to be chased with delight,
And your head in my lap on the couch late at night.

I listen for your footsteps, your breath, your bark,
And scan for you every day at the park.
Your cookies are left untouched in their jar,
Scarce now are the hairs through the house and the car .

Of everywhere you have imprinted forever,
I search in my soul where we’re always together.
And just when I think you are gone, far from me,
My sad heart embraces a fond memory…

I have found you.

Denise B

Lucy (2012-2022) was a much beloved cat with an unintended talent for comedy. She is known for many unique moments from managing to get lost in the attic, escaping outside by accident then coming home three days later, drinking from your glass of water, and hiding under the Christmas tree. Lucy also demonstrated her love for her family by going on a pooping spree to show her displeasure that we had gone on vacation without her. Overall, she was sweet, a good listener, and excellent company to our family. She is beloved and will be greatly missed.

Jane & Don Slessor

Newguy, our wondercat, passed on today, March 25, 2022. We are eternally grateful to Emily, Claire and Dr. Laura for their compassion, caring and patience as we made our decision. The whole process was one of comfort and peace for Newguy…and for us. To be able to give our family member the dignity and end of life on earth he deserved, was so important to us. Newguy came to us from a neighbouring farm and never left; it was as if he “found” us! He gave us a wonderful 18 years of his 19 years of life. Everyone who met Newguy always fell in love with him. Even Bobbi, our labradoodle when she came on the scene 9 years ago. The two were best friends. RIP, Newguy. We love you forever and you are missed.

Sassy and Shadow
Trudee and Sarah Law

On Friday, March 18, 2022, we had to say goodbye to Sassy (age 17.5) and Shadow (age 18.5). Once preparations were made for Sassy’s final day, Shadow’s health suddenly and rapidly declined. Perhaps she couldn’t bear the thought of her friend leaving her and didn’t want her to make the journey alone. So, they crossed the rainbow bridge together, paws and tails touching, cuddled together as they always were.
Both cats lived up to their names. Sassy was the clever, athletic troublemaker who wasn’t afraid to talk back. Shadow was the quieter, gentler soul, with endless patience for my youthful shenanigans – which often involved dressing her up. She even made it into an “I Can Has Cheezburger” book after I put her in a dress.

Rest easy, little ones.

Doug Burden

When I made it home from the hospital during cancer treatments my wife and our daughter decided to get a rescue dog for me. The dog up for adoption was way too wild and another dog was there but not available for adoption. Pickles laid across Connie’s feet and the deal was done. The adoption lady’s brought him out to us the next day.
He was rescued from a life in the dump after two years. There are so many stories about pickles. He helped raise money for cancer during lizzys Terry Fox day at the high school. Like all of her team pickles wore his tie with pride and did many laps around the track that afternoon. He dressed up as a jack o lantern and collected food donations with lizzy for halloween. He went on a charity walk for the Alliston humane society with my wife Connie. I think he has a great time that day out with other dogs playing games et. He won a little white toy dog that is always near him inside our house.

He loved the water and went swimming with lizzy and her friends.

Pickles is by my side always. He gives me grief if I don’t practice my guitar. I was thrilled when a guitar dog toy showed up. He thought it was the best also.

We estimate he was either 14 or 15 years old. Old age took its toll and he passed peacefully in our home. His passing leaves a big hole in all our hearts. He is no longer in pain and is at peace. I know we will meet again and that will be a magical day.

You have all our love. Mom, dad and lizzy.

Lisa Robb

Captain was the sweetest dog I have ever known. He had 11 amazing years running, hunting, squeaking his toys and cuddling with his family. He will be forever missed and loved. Thank you Dr Laura for your kind and compassionate care.

Christine and Martin St Amant

We are truly blessed to have loved our beautiful Myla the past 11 years. She was the most amazing, gentle, sweet, loving, and cuddly dog and brought us so much joy. We called her our big polar bear.

Thank you very much to Heart With Wings and Dr. Laura and Jordan for their compassionate care during Myla’s final weeks and final moments.

Myla was very comfortably and very peacefully put to rest in the comfort of her home surrounded by her family and lots of love. Thank you Dr. Laura for making this a comforting experience for us that we will always remember.

December 24, 2010 – January 27, 2022
RIP our dear Myla. You will forever be in our hearts XO
Christine, Martin, Melissa, Julia, Eddy

Sarah Orr-Shaw

Jewel was a rescue and we are so glad she found us! She was a sweet girl that loved to snuggle and brought so much love into our family. She got sick and her life was shorter than everyone would have hoped. She will be missed terribly.
Sarah & Katie

Shari Morasch

My deepest thanks to Dr. Erin and Jordan and the whole Heart With Wings team for helping my beloved Poco transition peacefully, and with dignity, across the rainbow bridge in October 2021.

Poco was quite the character. He was picky about the people and animals he let into his world, disliked the car, and required a committed and dedicated handler. But he loved his walks and was a little Greenie addict. Poco was loved deeply for almost 15 years – he crossed over 1 day before his birthday.

Thank you to my dear Poco for being my loyal and steadfast companion. I miss you terribly. All my love forever and always, Shari

Patti and Dave

Bootsie came to Patti as a “rescue” in 2007. Patti had her trained to become a wonderful part of the family. Bootsie loved long hikes and swims and jumping off docks. Bootsie was a “leaner” and loved leaning into her favourite peeps! She also loved to sneak up on to sofas and comfy chairs when she thought no one was looking…in her later years, we mostly let her get away with it at home and at the cottage.

Bootsie had been declining in health for a couple of years but managed a good summer in 2021 with cottage visits with family and friends. And lots of walks and visits with Patti’s Mom and Dad who live nearby and were always so good to Bootsie! Suffering a steep decline this fall, Patti and I brought Bootsie down to the Barrie waterfront on Thursday evening and we had a lovely walk. After a short neighborhood walk on Friday morning, Dr. Laura and Emily arrived and put our beloved Bootsie to rest in a most kind and peaceful manner…Patti and I were pleased to be the “Pawbearers” to send her on her final journey.

Thank you, Bootsie! You will always be with us. And thank you to Heart with Wings for your wonderful, caring service!

Hobbs (Hobbsie)
Owen & Becky Atkinson

A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Laura for helping our beloved Hobbs cross the rainbow bridge on Wednesday, September 29, 2021. Hobbsie came into our lives in Sept. 2005 with a huge heart full of love and trust. He brought us love and comfort, always close to us. Thank you, Hobbs, for being you. Your beautiful soul and cute & quirky personality brought us years of joy, comfort, laughs, and love. I only hope we brought you as much love, joy, and peace that you brought us. May you always be free and surrounded by love and light. All our love, Owen, Becky, Bubbi, and Dan

John & Rhonda Almond

In Loving Memory of our beloved Riley
You came into our lives and our family 7 years ago and forever changed it. You brought us great joy and happiness as you grew from a puppy to a cherished member of our family. We were blessed to have you as a part of our family. You loved everyone unconditionally. You were such a great character and were joyously intertwined in all aspects of our lives.

We are going to miss the greetings and hugs when we come home, the walks, the snuggles, and the wet kisses you gave so generously. Even though you barked at everyone who tried to leave the house, we knew you were just trying to keep the “pack” together. Camping trips and special occasions will never be the same without you.

We lost you way too soon, but we were so blessed to have you in our lives. There will always be a huge hole in our hearts and an emptiness in our home now that you are gone. But, we know you are in a better place now with no pain and suffering and that you are doing all your favorite things like chasing rabbits, playing ball, and eating anything you want.

When the time comes, we know that you will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, and we will be together again.

Love you forever, John, Rhonda, Meghan, and Melanie

Stewie & Cody
Jan & Murray Laraman

We said goodbye to our two beautiful boys today. Stewie, so fun and loving. Cody, the sweetest, most gentle old soul. For almost 14 years, we adored you both. You grew up together, brothers in bond and spirit, and today, you left this world together to be free from suffering and pain.
We are grateful for the gentle and compassionate care received from Emily and Dr. Laura. We are so grateful for this in-home service, giving our boys stressless dignity, in their own home, in their final moments. Rest In Peace, my beautiful boys, and know you both will always be so deeply missed and deeply loved. You’ll be forever in our hearts. ❤🐾❤

Doreen and Debbie Magerman

Toaster’s balancing act. It is with broken hearts and profound sadness that we bid farewell to our beloved Toaster. We marked her 13th birthday in March, and today, she left us as gently as she came into our world.

As the last line of 7 generations of Goldens of my own breeding or co-breeding, she was clearly the most beautiful but the bossiest. You couldn’t put anything past her; she was always watching and trying to supervise everything that went on around here. At the same time, she was easy to live with; she was well-mannered, happy to welcome guests, great with kids and strangers, and a pleasure to travel with. She greeted every visitor silently, ball in mouth and tail a’ wagging ready for a game. She was a gardening companion to Debbie, a teacher to our young Lab Bridge, and a loyal companion to me. I took such pride in her work as a “sniffer dog,” even though we didn’t take up the sport until after her 10th birthday. We enjoyed working together, and I believe the mental stimulation contributed to her well-being and longevity.

Throughout her life, we were asked the meaning behind a name she came by so honestly; when on her best behavior, we would Toast’s when she was naughty, she was Toast, all the while resembling the color of toast.

She sailed through 8 weeks of chemo administered at OVC at Guelph after being diagnosed with a deadly mast cell tumor in early 2020. With that began the regular travel for treatment and subsequent follow-ups. Her bravery and happy disposition earned her many friends in the oncology department, where the vets and techs all knew her and looked forward to her visits. In the end, thanks to their amazing care, it wasn’t cancer that dealt the final blow but deteriorating mobility and degenerative muscle weakness.

She passed at home with dignity and surrounded by love. There will never be another like her, and the void left is huge.

Kim Martin

Molson was the kindest, most gentle of souls, always asking for a helping hand or permission before he pushed through an open door or hopped up onto the bed. He was happiest outdoors – swimming off the dock at the cottage in the summer and hiking at the ski hill in the winter. Molson adored his human pack, and we loved him terribly, as did everyone else who was fortunate enough to meet him (and forced into scratching his bum as he stood in between their legs). Molson peacefully ‘went out on a high’ on August 13, in his happiest place and surrounded by his family after a week of indulgence in doggy and human treats alike. We are hugely grateful to his veterinarians at home and at the cottage, who cared for him for thirteen years. We extend our deepest gratitude to the team at the OVC in Guelph and to Dr. Erin and Alison at Heart with Wings in Barrie for their compassion and kindness during Molson’s final months with us. Our ‘sweet boy’ will be missed beyond words.

Rosieanna Grundy

It is with great sadness that we have brought our “Arlo” to crossing the bridge…today.
Arlo was the first boy of a litter of six and had the biggest heart and floppy ears.
Arlo was greeted by his his new family, including other furry friends and our beloved golden retriever,
“Archie”, (who passed in 2018).

Arlo was just as heart broken as the family was, when Archie left us.
He loved Archie and they were inseparable, from the moment they met.
Walks/swims/meals/cars rides/playing in the snow, and simply just relaxing together and enjoying asking for treats and
watching friends and family play guitar and jam together, as well as watching the Blue Jays and hockey and movies with their human parents.
As we mourned…Arlo also mourned the passing of his buddy and it left a mark on his heart and he pined and longed for his friend for several weeks.
Arlo soon had another new buddy, “George”, our adopted Goldie and he soon appreciated his new buddy..but certainly missed Archie.
Arlo had plenty of energy and a beautiful calm disposition..except when he wanted to go for a walk…than he became..
“Bob Barker”…..
Arlo loved playing catch with his orange ball and lacrosse stick. He would carry his ball for nearly 2 hours on a walk. In the winter, he would fight his buddy, Georgie for the largest stick.
Arlo loved Rockin Roll, especially out on the fresh cut grass/ parks and piles of snow.
Arlo was our heart…our connection to Archie..our beautiful boy with a perpetual puppy face and when he looked at you, your heart melted.
Arlo has given us so much love over the years and always made the worst days a lot brighter, just with his presence and unconditional love….
Arlo is at peace and running and playing with his buddy , Archie..
No more suffering…
It’s ok Arlo..we will continue to love you…and feel your presence.
We will cherish all the moments ..
even the barking and wanting extra treats and taking up the
entire bed and your big bear pars..when you want to talk…
You were one of a kind..
There will never be another Arlo
Rest in Paradise.. puppy
We love you this much…….arms wide open…..and with our whole hearts…FOREVER……….xoxoxoxox

Justin, Tara, Alyssa, & Dave

At 16 years old, Jet has remained a faithful and loving family member through the ages! He was with us through the good and bad days of life and was always a wonderful confidant and secret keeper. As stubborn as they come, he filled our lives and hearts with love every day. Surrounded by people who love him, spoiled with steak and tasty treats, we said goodbye to him on a warm summer day – sun shining, birds chirping, under the shade of a big maple tree in his own backyard. We miss him deeply and know he waits for us in a better place. We love you, Jetter Pooh Bear!

We want to thank Dr. Erin for the level of care she sincerely offered Jet in his final moments and for the deep compassion, she offered to us on our hardest of days. It was a beautiful, calm, and dignified passing for a loyal family member who meant so much to us all. Thank you, Dr. Erin, for helping us guide Jet to his next great adventure.

Sarah & Jill W.
Once again my family & I had to say farewell in Jun. 22nd, 2021 to a best friend, our beloved boy Magnus, brother of Miracle who we just bid goodbye to in Feb. 2021. They were the closest of brothers, & Magnus so missed his brother for the last 4 months, perhaps this hastened his decline. Magnus’s love of life was such a joy to us all. He looked forward to visits from the kids, especially his ‘special’ brushes from Andrew. He loved to swim in his younger days at the Lake Salerno cottage, but most recently would joyfully settle for a soak just lying in the shallow waters of Georgian Bay. And car rides, he would perk up his ears and head for the door if the phrase ‘wanna go in the car’ were spoken. He was my best friend & companion on countless road trips & the car is now very empty without him, as is my bed. On his daily walks with his dog walker Roman (another cherished friend), he would visit neighbors along the way. A true lab, he loved his food & enjoyed McDonald’s hamburgers, toast with peanut butter, liver treats & chocolate cupcakes during his final hours! I am devastated at Magnus’s passing but know he is in pain free & up in heaven with Miracle & his ‘Dad’. His ashes will be sprinkled under the memorial maple tree at the cottage, his tag joining the others on the branches. I will miss hearing both of my boys ‘singing’ & Magnus’ s deep bark & tapping toes on the hardwood floors. You were so loyal & loving my ‘big Maggie bear’, & you are already so missed by your Mom. Love to you all, see you one day on the other side!
Marlee & Darwynn
Sarah & Monica & Ron G.
Dear Marlee & Darwynn,
We had to say goodbye to you one week ago. You were both the most amazing souls. The true meaning of gentle giants. You possess wide smiles, happy tails, sweet spirits, and goofy sides (oh the goofy sides). You both have been fighters and worked hard to stay with us, but after 13 & 11 years (we knew you would be close but never thought this close) respectively, your bodies finally said it was time to rest and that is ok.

And so, we made the decision. The decision that, sooner or later, all of us who give our hearts to a dog will have to make. We wanted to give you the last, most unselfish gift you have to give. As you left this world, we know nothing would be left unsaid or unfinished. We wanted you to understand how completely you have been and were loved.

Every day coming home, waking up, and going to bed, we sat on the floor, hugged you both close, and cried into your necks. You leaned into us and kissed away our tears. Over and over throughout the year, we told you how much we loved you both, how precious you were to us.

We wish you could know – really know – how grateful we are for you, how much you have changed us, how better a person we are because of you. But if we had the opportunity to tell you in words you could understand, where would we start? What would we say?

We’d say…

Thank you for the laughter.
Because of you, there was not a day that went by that we did not laugh. Even in the darkest times, the bleakest moments, you managed to put a smile on our faces. Whether chasing a squirrel or dancing at dinner (Miss Marlee), you both found the fun in every little thing and encouraged us to do the same.

Thank you for perspective.
It’s true, especially I (Mom) sometimes take myself too seriously. I think too much about work and worry about the small stuff… don’t sweat the small stuff. But you had been a constant reminder about what’s truly important. With a gentle paw on our leg, you convinced us to walk outside, feel the sun, and stretch out with you on the grass. Enjoy every moment, you seemed to say, because this moment is all we have and the only one that ever really matters.

Thank you for connection.
As introverts, we found it comforting and comfortable to be alone and love our own company, to shut ourselves away, to avoid idle chitchat. But you, dear dogs, made that impossible. Walking with you was like walking with rock stars. Strangers would want to stop and talk, ask about you, fuss over you, and watching children want to give you hugs was so beautiful. Through you, we had the chance to meet people from various walks of life. Even more than that, you showed us that making friends was far easier than imagined. Apparently, all you must do is smile and wag.

Thank you for being such wise teachers.
We have been lucky to have had some great teachers in our lives. But you are among the best. You taught us the meaning of faith and truest, patience, and hope. Because of you, we set out on a whole new life path, and along the way, learned that we’re capable of more than we ever thought possible.

Thank you for being there.
We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs. Hellos and goodbyes. Life and death. Triumphs, failures, and uncertainties. But what never wavered was you, Marlee & Darwynn. Regardless of what was happening around us, there you both were in the center, our large (though you didn’t think so) furry touchstones. Giving us something tangible to hold onto. Keeping us grounded, whole and balanced.

Thank you for just being.
It seems impossible that by not doing anything, you still managed to do so much. Your happy attitudes in the morning (yippie breakfast) – this is the best day of my life! – set the tone for the rest of our day. Sitting near you in the same room while we worked or chatted helped us focus. Even the moments when you both were snoring quietly (or not so quietly) filled us with peace and made us calmer. Just the fact that you exited somehow made life better.

Dear Marlee & Darwynn, we always said that you would both live forever. That we would never have to give you the gift that we did one week ago. We knew, of course, that not to be true. That no matter how much we wished it or willed it, that day would come, and it did, and that a piece of our hearts would leave with you. But we also know that even now, even at this moment as they break, our hearts will be bigger because you were both a part of it.

We will love you forever and will cherish every day we got to spend with you. Thank you for choosing us to have been your guardians, we are forever grateful.

Love you always and ever
Mom & Dad, Gizmo & Xiao Mei

Sarah & Katie O.
Rayne was one of a kind, he was a sweet boy that got sick far too young. He will be missed. Sleep in peace with your full tummy, never to feel hungry again 💗
Terry, Lana, Billy, Larissa and Crosby M.
Dear sweet Sidney. For 14 years you were so full of life. Running like the wind, catching all the little critters that dared to come on our property. You were so loved, and were known for your sweet shy smile and dancing front paws. We all miss you every day, and your twin brother Crosby is lonely without you.

Dr Laura, thank you. Thank you for the amazing care in her last 6 months. As painful as it was to lose Sidney on March 20/21, it could not have been a better experience. Your kindness and compassion will always be remembered. Sidney was able to pass peacefully, in the comfort of home, in the spot she chose, and cradled with the love of her family. It was truly beautiful. ❤

Heather H.
Denny “The Hunter” passed in his 13th year after his diabetes got the best of him. He passed peacefully in the garden & than my arms. It was difficult to let go of my best friend. Dr Laura & her assistant made the process peaceful & I thank them for their kind compassionate hearts. He lived years in the country. He would walk to get the mail with me everyday. He always like to bring me his new prey. One year he sucked frogs up in his mouth & one by one I had to relocate the frog population. He started to bring snakes in my house which wad the worst. He was a brave warrior of the forest he roamed in. Denny is sadly missed as he was more than a cat. He was my little buddy.

Jeannie P.
Our Cooper peacefully fell asleep surrounded by his favourite things and his favourite people. He is missed so much and will live on in our memories stories about him. He was a typical lab with so much character and just so incredibly smart. He loved to run, swim and was up for our many adventures. We thank Dr. Laura from the bottom of our hearts. His final moments were filled with love, family and treats. Rest well our good boy.

Cooper, Coops, Coopy Poopy.
January 22, 2011-May 20, 2021.

We love you and miss you so much ❤

Nancy P.
We are sad to let everyone know that we had to say goodbye to our beloved Beau today. He passed in the comfort of our home, laying, in his favourite place, in front of the fireplace, surrounded by the love of his family, his favourite Lovies’ beside him and his little buddy Louis with him. Beau has been struggling with mobility for the past couple of weeks; he was really hurting and had stopped wagging his tail. He has finally been given the relief he needed to step across the rainbow bridge and run free. We were blessed to have had him in our lives for over 16 amazing years. We picked him from a farm in Wallenstein where he stood out from all of his siblings; when Jordana picked him up and he nestled right into her arms. He was the perfect one! I still remember the car ride home with him; sitting in the backseat between his sisters; which I might mention is the only time they sat in the car without fighting. Katie, aka Sissy, was only 11 years old when we got him and now she’s living the other side of the world.

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She loved to play dress up with him and I never knew what he would be wearing when I came home. He was a funny guy right from the start, he hated walking on any surface other than wood or grass, that eliminated the driveway, front walkway, porch and tiled floors. He hated car rides and that never changed throughout his lifetime but he would come with us because he didn’t want to be left at home alone. The odd time he would escape from the house …. the chase was on; we discovered that blue cheese was the best way to capture him. On a side note I got to see all the backyards in the neighbourhood while trying to catch him. From Jordana he learned that purses provided apples and if anyone left their purse on the floor, Beau would be rifling through it. Justin and Matt were such a huge part of his life and while they didn’t live at home when we got him they could always be counted on for dog sitting and providing lots of treats and presents. He loved presents and it didn’t matter how many presents were under the Christmas tree he could always find his and usually before Christmas morning. Anyone else opening presents always received his assistance with the unwrapping. He always got that one perfect vanilla cupcake on his birthday….with more presents. He also loved his walks, swimming but most of all he loved us. We are so grateful that we had so many wonderful moments with this beautiful boy our wonky golden doodle. Special thanks to Dr. Erin of Coulter Mobile Veterinary Services, Heart with Wings for making Beau’s last moments special and peaceful. The love and compassion you showed Beau and us during his final moments made the transition easier for all of us. I also have to thank Chidiac Animal Hospital for the care they have given Beau over the past years. Dr. Barbara Ann and all the staff have been absolutely amazing and we are grateful for the care and compassion that they have always provided. Thank you to all my friends and neighbours who have always asked after Beau and stopped to talk to him when he’s been in the yard. Our hearts are broken and we will miss him forever but the beautiful memories will live on. Run free beautiful Beau you now get to have endless walks and swim pain free, hopefully with a continuous supply of blue cheese and the odd perfect vanilla cupcake. We are going to take some time to mourn and heal but we know that we are in everyone’s thoughts. Thank you. 💔💔💔
Karen & Marty K.
Thank you Dr Laura. This was a difficult day for our Max but knowing he was no longer in pain helped a great deal. Max was a crazy fun loving dog who will forever be in our hearts.

RIP my sweet Max

Cody & Cori S.
Kaiser Vom On Gaurd, our goodest boy:
It was hard not to notice the strong love you had for us all, especially the little extra sensitivity you always showed with Mom. You were our first love and were present for so many pivotal moments. We brought you home to our first home. You witnessed our marriage, then became a big brother to our 2 boys and then became their guardian. We are so thankful to have had the last few days to spoil you – even more than you already were! ;p We hope that you enjoyed the short 7 years with us because we have been reflecting on how much we cherished every moment. Watching you enjoy the last 15 months in our new home with some property and “personal” beaches to take a dip has made us so happy. We will think of you when the boys are getting on and off the bus for their first times and when we’re raising chickens next year. Kaiser’s Coop will be a thing, we promise!

Please keep a watchful eye over our family as you always did.

Until we meet again wildman!

Mom, Dad, Nolan and Liam

Sandra, George, Taylor & Kristina M.
Our beautiful little boy AJ came into our lives 17 years ago with his brother Scooby. Unfortunately Scooby passed on when he was only 4 years old and AJ was stuck with us. He was a much loved member of our family, travelling with us on many adventures and keeping us entertained with his antics. His favourite past times were looking for boxes to sleep in and getting into the shower for a quick drink.

AJ crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 5, 2021 surrounded by our family.

We cannot thank Dr. Erin and Emily enough for their care and compassion for AJ and making sure he passed peacefully at our home. It made it easier for all of us.

We are sure that AJ is with Scooby and Oma now frolicking and eating bananas.

Lisa R.
Thanks to Dr Laura, Ace fell asleep for the last time chewing a treat, with two orange balls in his favourite bed in our home.

He had a great dog life with lots of love, walks, car rides and treats. I will miss my shadow.

RIP Ace March 21, 2009 – April 1, 2021.

Wendy and Peter D.
Having a dog will bless you with the happiest days of your life, and one of the worst days.

We had that day last week when we said goodbye to Dylan, our dog for 15 ½ years. We are heartbroken but we know that he is no longer in any pain.

We are so lucky that when we went to have “the pick of the litter”, Dylan chose us. Despite us putting the puppy back so we could see the others, he kept coming back to play. He captured our hearts right then and there.

Dylan was the gentlest of dogs and everyone that ever met him knew he was a gentle spirit. He has been with our family since Andrew went away to college, quickly becoming best friends with Samantha’s cat, Topaz and a couple years later with Kita. The quickest way to Dylan’s heart was with a quality scratch of his ears, a rub of his belly or just cuddling with him. Dylan greeted all of our grandchildren as they were born with his usual gentle way.

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Dylan loved to be with us and was most comfortable when the three of us were together going for walks, car rides or just sitting on the couch together. He heard all of the joys and struggles in our lives, all of the happy and all of the sad times and showed us such love all the time.

We will miss him terribly and can’t imagine our lives without him. We are grateful to have had Dylan as part of our family.

Dylan will be greatly missed by many, but none more so than Peter and I. Through thick and thin, we loved him with all of our hearts, and though the pain we feel without him is great, it in no way would compare to having never had him in our lives.

Please give your dog an extra hug, belly rub, and treat, they leave us too quickly.

Blake, Shelley & Family Petherick
We lost our best friend on February 23, 2021, too soon he just celebrated his 12th birthday. He was the kindest most warm loving companion anyone could ask for. It was the hardest thing to do but we couldn’t allow him to suffer anymore. He brought so much love, companionship, and fulfillment to each of our lives. He was such a big boy that he would often knock the babies down as he was passing by, they would giggle and carry on till the next time. He loved opening wrapped presents he got and would put it in his mouth and prance around the house so excited. We still look for him in the darkness making sure not to trip over him or him greeting us as we come home and making a dinner plate for him as we have done for years. We are so very grateful that with Dr. Laura’s service we got to have the service in his home where he was most comfortable.

R.I.P Bear we love and miss you.

Ziggy Stardust
Lori & Marc B.
We thank Dr. Laura and Autumn for their compassion and kind handling of our very sore hearts as they helped us say goodbye to our little golden lion king, Ziggy Stardust (formerly of Grandeur). We will see him in every puddle of sunshine that hits our dark floors and smile for the gift he was in our lives these past 7 years. Beautiful, bright and stoic, we will never forget him. He’s in Valhalla now with the other Viking cats, resting by a fireside and purring to beat the band. His cheerful grandkid, Maisy, will carry on to take care of us now.

Diana W.
Our beautiful little Stripe came into our lives 21yrs ago. She has brought such joy and happiness into our world since the day she was born and her shining light will continue to guide us into the coming years ahead. Every memory we have fills us with love and warmth just like the feeling we would get burying our face in her fur whenever she was curled up sleeping.

May you find your final peace with Mama & Grey little lover~xo

Jill W.
I had to say goodbye to my beloved Miracle on Feb. 3rd/21, just 5 days short of his 11th birthday. His littermate Magnus was with us for Miracle’s passing, he too will mourn his brother, never having been separated from each other during their lives. Miracle gave us so much love, loyalty & companionship, it was such a privilege to have him in our lives. One of Miracle’s best friends was his dog walker Roman who was also devastated, as he was such a big part of Miracle’s life. Miracle is in heaven now, my late husband’s turn to have him close, how lucky they are to be together again. Miracle’s ashes will be sprinkled under a very special maple tree planted & dedicated to his memory along with our 7 previous pets over 30 years, all as special as Miracle. Miracle’s dog tag will join the other tags on the tree in memory of them. The tree is at a cottage on Lake Salerno, where Miracle loved to swim, retrieve sticks & soak up the sun with his brother & family. We know you will all be keeping watchful eyes on us. Rest in peace my dear Miracle, how your loving personality, big smile & loyalty will be missed!

Lindsey M.
Our beautiful 14 year old hound-collie cross, Sasha, walked over rainbow bridge last week, on November 6th. Our hearts are still mending from loosing our loyal and gentle protector. I adopted Sasha when I was in university at a difficult time in my life. She carried me through some difficult years, and was with me in the joyous ones too when we got married, moved, and had our three babies. She was always so very good with our three growing children and I will never forget how she would lay beside each of them when they were just babies. She was never far, and even in her last days she still followed us around the house making sure everyone was accounted for. Sasha, we expect you to walk around the corner or up the stairs looking for us. We miss you dearly, girl.

Thank you to Dr Coulter for ensuring her passing was peaceful and that she passed with dignity. She went to sleep eating treats from my hands under the sun in our backyard.

Doug & Helena Vanderby
Late into her 22nd year on September 28, 2020, Fritz crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Fritz gave us so much love and adventure and truly found her way into our hearts – she will be deeply missed.

Fritz was a very unique feline – loving, loyal, intelligent and yet fiercely independent – she took no crap from anyone or anything. Most likely a result of being a very young kitten living on the fox inhabited streets of her first hood. There, she was never approachable, it became a challenge for me, to earn her trust. Eventually the trust came, especially during the January/ February months during freezing cold snaps.

She would respond to my whistle come to the door and I would bring her into the basement at night, feed her and then let her out in the morning on the way to work – we had a great routine going. Her future mom, who at the time was not a pet person, had no idea….

Eventually, Fritz moved in and to say the least, it’s never been the same since.
She became family.

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She loved car rides, swimming in the lake, bouldering, suntanning, being photographed, watching TV with us (with chips or popcorn please), hanging out and being social with our guests. She was a social media star thru her adventures and photos.
Fritz always greeted us at the door with a meow, no matter what time we were coming home.
She had a special relationship with her mom – she was her first pet: They loved each very much. Many times, Fritz would gently use her paw along her mom’s face to wake her.
She show unconditional love towards us and we towards her.
Fritz knew her time had come and could not have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in a more loving peaceful way. Her last day was filled with love from her Mom and Dad. She was in our arms at one of her favorite spots, on the dock under a warm bright blue sky.
A special thank you to Dr. Laura and Autumn for their empathy, compassion and professionalism during this time. We could not have asked for a better team during this time. And to let you know, Fritz thanks you – the last place she wanted to be was at a Vet Clinic…..
Bonnie, JC and Nicholas Arenes
Our Master teacher, heart opener, entertainer and inspiration. Always loved and memories cherished.

Voo Doo
Sharon Irvine
This girl loved to be groomed. She would also pose for the camera. She eagerly awaited the next dog show and jumped to get into the truck to go to wherever we would travel next. She enjoyed the travel and camping at various venues, not to mention the extra treats along the way. She quickly earned her Canadian Championship in addition to her Canine Good Neighbour Certificate. After her show career, Voo Doo became a Mom. She gave us two beautiful puppies and she was an excellent Mom. They too, have followed in her footsteps and became Canadian Champions. Voo Doo was excellent at magic! Without formal training, she proved to be an excellent therapy dog. Her natural instincts and knowing ways brought smiles to many seniors living in retirement and long-term care facilities. When Voo Doo was not performing her magic, she loved the outdoors, enjoyed sunbathing on the deck, relaxing by the pool, and cuddling on the couch to watch a movie. She has taken with her a big chunk of our hearts but has left us with so many wonderful memories. Our sincerest thanks to Dr. Laura and Autumn for helping our girl and supporting us through this most difficult time. Rest in peace Voo Doo. We’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love Dad, Mom, Jeff, Sarah and Your Collie Kids

Brad and Mary Anne E.
Here is a photo of our wonderful Bear on his last day with Brad – enjoying a canoe ride!
Jamie and Josh M.
In loving memory of the handsome and sweet Draco.
Ian and Barb Sinclair
Kiefer was the dog we were never suppose to have!

After spending three days visiting the kennel, we were focusing on his brother, however on each visit he was relentless in trying to get our attention. His warm loveable manor became unavoidable to notice and he sealed the deal when he climbed up on my knee and put his head into my neck ❤ hence began the 13 years of the greatest journey of joy one could ever hope for.

From puppyhood till around four years, I should refrain from saying “Joy.”…you couldn’t leave food on the counter, it would be gone when you returned … he had a special attraction for shoes, especially if they belonged to a visitor (new smells).

He received a sister giant schnauzer when he was 2 years and became the best brother/teacher to what evolved into a very beautiful close relationship. He taught us all a lot on multiple levels.

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He had such a loving gentle personality, his nickname was “Gentle Giant” always ready for a romp in the woods, games in the house, however his favourite time was definitely meal time.

We Miss you so very much Special Boy, we still expect to see you run around the corner with you favourite ball in your mouth. Jumping on the sofa giving you special hugs and kisses, all along thinking you were a lap dog. You have left a massive foot print on our hearts and a large void in our lives, your memory is a blessing we will always have! Thank you for choosing Us 💕

On the day he walked across the “Rainbow Bridge”, he ran in the meadow, greeted Dr. Coulter and Autumn with a wagging tail and thanked them for the gift of bring four tires for him to smell.

WE are extremely appreciative for all the professional assistance and guidance given by Dr. Coulter and Autumn….Thank You

With forever Love
Dad (Ian), Mom (Barb), Sister (Gemma)

Robin and Paul Crowder, and Family
Dingo, the well travelled, and even better loved…
While posting pet rescue messages in attempt to move innocent victims of human indifference (and far worse evils) I discovered an image of a soulful boy in an Atlanta, Georgia kill shelter who had reached his “put to sleep” date. His colours were different, but his size and markings were those of our girl Tequila.

This particular image reached into my heart so strongly, I knew immediately I had to personally save him.

I had him pulled to a foster care provider, who gave him safe haven and a wonderful place to await my transport arrangements.

This was no easy task. I didn’t possess a passport at the time and none of my trucker friends’ routes came anywhere near Atlanta. The foster and I communicated and I spoke with Dingo over the phone to familiarize him with my voice.

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Airline holds are dangerous at the best of times, but winter weather was approaching and the option was nil.

I tried contacting relay drivers, but they were few and far between back then in 2011.
My search was running out of avenues, looking bleak and I was on the verge of resigning myself to losing the chance to save this dog.

At the time I had met a family through involvement in the committee for the inaugural Innisfil Celtic Festival. This wonderful family offered to reroute their return from a Florida vacation and picked Dingo up for me. An unknown dog in a minivan with their children on a very long journey. Who ever would have imagined such a kindness ? One of the greatest gifts of my life. We remain friends to this day.

Dingo’s foster and I maintained a friendship and still talk today, with news of Dingo’s life with us. Our boy made a lasting impression on the hearts of all he encountered.

Dingo arrived in Innisfil and into our home, on St. Patrick’s Day 2012. How fitting for a ginger haired pup. We used the date as his “BIRTH(with us)DAY”. His age was estimated as senior at the time, but this mainly due to the abuses he had suffered at the hands of evil. His teeth were ruined from chewing on cage or chain. Looking into his eyes and judging by his fitness level, though, I think he was 5 or 6. Dingo’s breed even a mystery… Speculated to be a Collie /Lab mix. I suspect Collie /American based on some physical traits. The demeanour of a saint. But his trust issues were no surprise.

Terrified of the dark, stairs, and stormy weather; Dingo would also not enter the bathroom or let anyone touch his paws to clip. During his first few days with us, he had to be coaxed away from the patio door, after days spent only there with the 101 Dalmatians towel he arrived with as his one treasured security item. We still have that holey, well loved towel.

Every single meal had to be coaxed into this poor sweet boy, even right up to present, where funny little rituals and phrases needed performed in order for him to start eating.

In the first days Dingo had an extra aversion to males and older children. We suspected his abusers had been these. But he grew to love Paul and our kids and grandkids very much. Even in our short time with our crazy, over-exuberant Lily, Dingo was a stern fathering figure. Tequila pestered him to play at first, but they settled into an old canine married couple routine.

Those two became inseparable, often sleeping hind to hind on the living room floor or on the dog beds in the kitchen and bedroom… Yes multiple beds… Spoiled. And deservedly so.
When one went out the other wanted out too. One barked, the other chimed in, not even necessarily knowing why. Just supportive vocalization.

Years of love and patience drew out his trust and his sweet personality; he didn’t know how to play (even afraid of some toys) but eventually he decided he liked chewing sticks from the yard.

Dingo made our lives more beautiful for having the privilege of homing him with us. He was so visibly appreciative of every little treat and luxury. He graced our lives for 8 1/2 wonderful years.

Yesterday Dingo crossed the Bridge to reunite with Lily, 6 years plus one day after she departed. I’d like to think he’ll have the energy to keep up with her now.

Until we meet again my beautiful Big Ginger Boy. I love you always…

John, Tammy, Ashleigh MacDonald

Princess was our rescue dog. She was a surprise to our daughter Ashleigh as an early Christmas gift. When we went to see all the dogs available for adoption, she was the one that cowered in the back corner of her cage while all the others jumped & yelped to be seen. John instantly fell in love with her & that was the beginning of our (almost) 16 years together.

Run free Princess. Go find Midnight & reunite with her.

Thank you so much to Dr. Coulter & her assistant, Autumn for the kindness they showed us during Princess’s last moments. You made the process so much less painful than we expected. You truly do care about the feelings of all those involved. Thank you from all of us, John, Tammy, Ashleigh (Penny, Aria, & Sadie – the other pet children).

Alison & Jeff Williams
Floyd was a gentle true spirit and a force of nature all in one. His passion was frisbee and he could play for hours. Always a cattle dog he would have your back and make sure all was safe at home and away. His main concern was that the pack was together. He was always up for new adventures and loved every season and every activity… swimming, hiking, snowshoeing, canoeing, going for ice cream or just being still and enjoying the natural surroundings with us.

The service that Dr. Laura and Heart With Wings offered was wonderful. Floyd had an amazing life and when he was ready we were able to let him go in a compassionate and loving way. He was at home, outside and peaceful. Goodbye to our handsome boy and thank you for your love and loyalty. May the universe experience your energy as we did.

Jason & Teri Wardrope
Zoey was just the most devoted dog to her humans. She was a daddy’s girl for sure but was mommy and the kids protector always. She loved to play ball, she loved walks, she loved helping to shovel the driveway to play in the snow and catch snowballs. Zoey loved to lay out in the rain on rainy days and smell the smell of the storms.

Zoey was definitely loved by all who knew her. You couldn’t help but laugh at her she had an amazing personality. This girl was as loyal as they come we couldn’t have asked for a better dog. Even through the last few years of her struggle to get up and down of the floor or the stairs she remained loyal and determined and loved with all she had, we all remained her number one priority, she continued to follow her daddy around everywhere and was still trying to protect the rest of us and make sure we were safe. Right to the end she never gave up and never complained.

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The day we had to say goodbye to this special soul was the hardest day for us as a family but it was time to give her the gift of peace, rest and to be pain free and we knew this was the right thing for her. So we gathered in her favourite place in our backyard outside so say our goodbyes and set her free peacefully and then we heard thunder and it lightly rained and we knew she had gone to a happy place it was her way of telling us it was ok and she was good.

We would like to thank Dr.Laura and Autumn for their wonderful service. Our Zoey’s day was one of peace and calm for her thanks to their compassion it was stress free for her and that was so important for us as her family.

Goodbye sweet girl, you will always be in our hearts and we will forever love you.

Love, mommy, daddy, the kids and your fur siblings

Sandra & Danny Kendell
Hailey was my therapy dog. She was always happy and had a zest for life that was contagious. Hailey got me through many hard times in life; from the loss of my husband to radiation treatments. There was no time to be down or sad, life was an adventure and she wanted us to live each and every one. Her love of life was infectious and everyone who met her loved her and she always made them smile! Hailey absolutely loved people. She wanted to greet every single person who crossed our path!

Life was for living, and that’s what we did! We had so many adventures. She was my co-pilot on our trips to the States, we played fetch for hours-that was her favorite thing! We took hikes in the woods enjoying the beauty of nature and she absolutely loved to swim. She was a shining star, a beacon of love; but she also had her goofy and silly side too!

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Her favorite game was Nicky Nicky Nine Doors- the game where you stand by the door waiting to come in and when your master comes and opens the door you bark and run away! She was so comical and would always make you laugh- you could never be mad at her!

Toward the end we lovingly helped that heart of gold get up and down the steps and we walked much slower on the walks; letting her lead the way.
With the help of Dr. Laura and Autumn we gave her a beautiful transition she so deserved in her backyard with peace and dignity and love!

A heart of gold stopped today;
We helped her on her way, If it had been up to her, She would have never went away!

Thank-you Hailey for all your love! You are forever etched upon our hearts! All my love my Golden Girl is sent with you this day!

Sadly missed by all the hearts you touched and especially missed by Mommy (Sandy) and Daddy (Danny)❤

Amber & Dan Leal
Reufus was the absolute best partner in crime. He was our first baby together. He was easy to train, a fantastic demeanor, and always protected all of our kids like no one’s business! He handled the introduction of Dozer like a true wise old Senior. Up until the end, he remained my unrelenting buddy that would sneak his head under any unsuspecting hand for a pet. We miss you terribly my love. What an amazing service Heart With Wings offers. He was so at home on his farm, with his family – eating treats and getting love.

Shari Morasch
My deepest thanks to Dr. Erin and Jordan and the whole Heart With Wings team for helping my beloved Poco transition peacefully, and with dignity, across the rainbow bridge in October 2021.
Poco was quite the character. He was picky about the people and animals he let into his world, disliked the car and required a committed and dedicated handler. But he loved his walks and was a little Greenie addict. Poco was loved deeply for almost 15 years – he crossed over 1 day before his birthday.

Thank you to my dear Poco for being my loyal and steadfast companion. I miss you terribly. All my love forever and always, Shari

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