Heartfelt, Compassionate In-Home Veterinary Care

Proudly offering warm hands for cold noses daily

We offer in-home hospice and compassionate euthanasia services for pets with life-limiting or incurable disease.


The purpose of our practice is to help dogs and cats feel more comfortable and relaxed in the comfort of their home, surrounded by the things and people that are most familiar to them. Working in general practice, Dr. Coulter saw just how many owners are unable to provide the comfortable end of life experience the way they wanted to for their pets. Pet euthanasia often takes place in a busy and hectic hospital, scheduled in between appointments. Her mission in creating Coulter Mobile Veterinary Services has been to offer pet owners the opportunity to say goodbye to their beloved companions in a stress-free, peaceful way. To offer a passing that celebrates the wonderful life that they have lived. As a mobile veterinarian, Dr. Coulter is able to provide comprehensive senior pet care, including palliative care for cats and dogs throughout Barrie and the neighbouring communities.

We’re here to help you and your pets through what we know is a difficult and heartbreaking time in your lives. Dr. Coulter can talk to you about how your pet is likely feeling, provide quality-of-life assessments, offer palliative and hospice care, and walk you through the process of what home pet euthanasia is like. We also handle your pet’s aftercare, including pet cremation and memorialization, so that you won’t have to worry about those next steps.

The Process

It is often helpful for the owner’s peace of mind to know what to expect when Dr. Coulter comes to their home to perform pet euthanasia.

Why In-Home Euthanasia?

We believe that the final moments of your pet’s life should be free from fear, anxiety, and pain. They should be able to pass where they feel most comfortable.

Why Us?

Our palliative care and hospice services allow pet owners and parents a bit more time to say goodbye together with the rest of the family.

About Us

Growing up, my family dog was a white German Shepherd mix named Willy. As a treasured member of the family for 17 years, it was difficult to watch his health decline to the point that he no longer had any quality of life and was in chronic pain. We made the painful decision as a family to euthanize Willy. He was always very nervous when he went to the vet’s office, and his declining health meant that he could no longer walk unassisted. The thought of taking him to the veterinary hospital for euthanasia only added to the stress of the situation and felt overwhelming. We called our longtime veterinarian, who agreed to make a house call. Willy was euthanized on our family’s back deck, where he had found a peaceful place to rest. He was overlooking the fields and neighbouring horse farm. He wasn’t scared or stressed. He was peaceful as he drifted into sleep.

Many years later, I had to euthanize my “heart dog,” Jersey, after 12 years of being her mom and friend. I wanted the goodbyes to happen at home as I had done with Willy. My husband and I wanted Jersey to drift into sleep on her bed in front of the fireplace, and we wanted the privacy to grieve the way that we wanted.

I found the name given to me by the governing board, Coulter Mobile Veterinary Services, to lack feeling and not convey the true spirit of the mobile and wanted to provide the practice with a nickname that had meaning to me and the people that call on us for help. I nicknamed my mobile veterinary practice “Heart With Wings” to honour Jersey, who was a big inspiration to me becoming a veterinarian and in starting this veterinary service with a special focus. I always referred to her as “my heart,” hence the nickname “Heart With Wings.”