Senior Wellness

Our services can be implemented during your pet’s senior years to improve the quality of life for months or years.

Why Us?

We are committed to helping grey muzzles through at-home senior wellness.

Through Coulter Mobile Veterinary Services, Dr. Coulter provides a range of wellness and preventive care for senior cats and dogs in the comfort of their own home. We work with owners to determine what their pets need to live a healthy and happy life by their side.

Mobile veterinarians offer a convenient way to keep up with your pet’s medical care. Our presence in your home is often far less disruptive for anxious pets, allowing for a more effective appointment that can cover everything they need. Some pets may need a low-stress environment so that we can properly take a look at what’s going on with their overall health or a specific symptom that disappears or gets masked by stress in a busy clinic.

The aging process is accelerated for our furry friends. They rapidly go from being that sweet puppy or kitten you carry home in your arms to a strong, playful adult and then to a sweet senior. There are many things that can be done to help slow the aging process in our pets and help them live the fullest lives possible. As our pets age, they require more frequent veterinary health exams and diagnostic monitoring, such as blood work, urinalysis, and blood pressure monitoring to detect early signs of disease. Good quality care can not only improve the quality of our pet’s life but possibly also their quantity of life.

Heart With Wings is a full-service mobile veterinary clinic offering a wide range of services for pets of all ages and stages of life.

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