Henry and Friends

Memorial Fund

Henry and Friends Memorial Fund

Henry & Friends is an angel fund that is used to help less fortunate families with a cat or dog in need of palliative or end of life care. We started providing palliative care for a Labrador-Border Collie mix named Henry in the spring of 2019. Despite his family’s amazing care and love, Henry passed peacefully in his home with our help. Henry’s mom came to our grieving group and said that she wished that there was a way to help other families so that they could have the same wonderful in-home care for their pets. We discussed starting an angel fund, and it seemed appropriate that we name it after one of the sweetest dogs we knew, Henry. The fund is based on donations and fundraising. Coulter Mobile Veterinary Services will also make a donation to the fund in memory of each pet we help.

Memorial Heart Candle Set

These gorgeous, locally made candles are the perfect way to remember your loved ones while filling your home with the calming scents of lavender, peppermint, and frankincense essential oils.

100% of every purchase goes towards our Henry and Friends Memorial Fund. It’s never too late to honour your precious angel or brighten a friend’s day with a thoughtful gift.

Each set includes your choice of 16oz or 8oz candle and matchstick’s.

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About Henry

Henry and Me

I’ve had pets all my life, mostly cats, and loved all of them. Until I met Henry, I never realized the incredible bond that could happen from having a dog in my life. I adopted Henry from a Burlington animal shelter in July of 2006. He was a seven-month-old Black Lab/Border Collie and was given up for adoption because he barked too much. One look in those sweet eyes and I had to have him! After a lot of patience and obedience school, he proved to be an intelligent, talented, loving dog. It didn’t take long for us to become best friends. He would never leave my side, following me anywhere and everywhere—yes, even to the bathroom. I got used to it and actually felt this was how he expressed his love for me. He was always in tune with my feelings and would be there to give me a kiss or snuggle whenever I needed it. Without a word, he would somehow know when I had a bad day and needed his love. One of his favourite things was playing fetch. He had a talent for chasing and catching balls, sticks, and Frisbees. His other favourite thing was going to doggie daycare every Thursday to socialize and play with other dogs. I loved doing this for him to give him a break from being home alone and bored while I was at work. Henry was loved by everyone he met, and I miss him dearly. I keep his memory alive with this memorial contributing to help other pets get the care they need through Dr. Laura’s specialized services. He always loved helping people and other pets feel better. So as time goes on, I will remember our great times together and think that my sweet Henry would definitely want me to do whatever I can to help other pets.

My best friend, I will never forget you and our special bond!

– Kelly McKinley

We would like to give a special thank you to the wonderful families that have contributed to Henry and Friends:

The Jacobs Family, in loving memory of Crumpet
Kyle and Christina, in loving memory of Bentley and Marshall
Alexa Sinton, in loving memory of Lily
Marianne Ilass, in loving memory of Boomer
Travis Chapman, in loving memory of Clifford
Candice and Adam Rientsma, In loving memory of Dopey
Barb Roche, In memory of Lacey & All Carters Pups
Linda Carmichael, in loving memory of Lacee
The Morano family, in loving memory of Maui
Kelly McKinley, in loving memory of Henry
Derek Favretto, in loving memory of Denver
Theresa and John Groh, in loving memory of Charlie
Kristen, Mark, and Willa Carhart, in loving memory of Stanley
The Ford Family, in loving memory of Angel
Pam and Dave Goode, in loving memory of Clover
The Nagey family, in loving memory of Sam
Erin Truax, in loving memory of Ethel and Betty White
Sylvia, Xavier, and Alice, in loving memory of Lyla
The Slessor Family, in loving memory of Newguy
In loving memory of Chase, from his family
Nicky, in loving memory of Ethel
The Sheridan family, in loving memory of Bruzer
The Graham-Nutter family, in loving memory of Bogart
The Sonier family, in loving memory of Cooper
The Heck-Cassa family, in loving memory of Lucy
Larry and Caroline Ferguson, in loving memory of Bella
The Halsey family, in loving memory of Shadow
David and Leeanne Flood-Howland, in loving memory of Junior
Cathy and Cameron McClure, in loving memory of Sam